Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sex is back!

The London Premier

Yes, my fellow fashionistas, what seemed so long ago is finally here: Sex and the City, The Movie. True to form the Fab Four showcase their individual styles at the movie premiers they've attended as well as they did in the show. Ladylike Kristin Davis, sexy Kim Cattrall and in a departure from graphic hungry Miranda, Cynthia Nixon opts for more streamlined subdued palattes in real life. Never one to disappoint, Sarah Jessica Parker has set tongues wagging with her unique choice of headgear from the London premier by designer Philip Treacy as well as her saran wrap inspired Nina Ricci gown at the New York premier. Love it or hate it, SJP's style is definitely gangsta.

I have not been looking at websites to see the SATC movie fashions because I want to see the eye candy on the big screen.

In case you haven't heard and live in a barn, the movie opens May 30.

SATC: TM New York Premier

Jennifer Hudson who plays a personal assistant in the movie looks fab

SATC stylist Patricia Field

Jason Lewis

Mary J. Blige and husband

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Get strapped in!

Do you have a pair of backless shoes that you love but hate the fact that they slide off your foot or get caught on your pants when you walk? Not to mention that annoying slap-slap-slapping sound of your shoes hitting your feet that your co-workers endure as you get up for the umpteenth time to get more coffee. Now you can buy heelstraps that are easy to slip on and are interchangeable for your stilettos, mules, and slingbacks that are guaranteed to keep your feet comfortable and aid you in walking without losing your shoes. At $12 a pop, heelstraps are available in clear, gold, silver and other colors to match your shoes and seems a small price to pay so that your co-workers won't get rid of today's coffee to make you stay at your desk.

Get more info here

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Costume Institute Gala

The Costume Institute's annual Met fete brought the stars out in force to showcase their style and celebrate the "Superhero" theme for one of fashion's biggest nights.

Venus Williams swathed by Andre Leon Talley

Janet Jackson

The Olsen twins (looking scary, as usual)

Karl Lagerfeld


Mary J. Blige

Thandie Newton seriously?

Jennifer Lopez

Sarah Silverman

Eva Longoria-Parker

Anna Wintour

Man of style Andre Benjamin

Glam Couples

David Bowie and Iman; Ginny and Tiki Barber; Paula Patton and Robin Thicke; Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Honsou

Sunday, May 04, 2008

It's here, It's here!

No longer content to have folks visit their stores, DSW is bringing one of my favorite pastimes, shoe shopping, to the world wide web. Browsing the site, the brands and prices seem comparable to what is in the stores and they called me to let me know that the site was up and running. Launched last week, the pickings appear to be slim for fun fashionable heels but I am hoping that as time progresses that the selection gets better. Check out what they have here.

oh...Deer skimmers $89.95

Naughty Monkey platform $59.95

Jessica Bennett Farrin wedges $69.95

Dollhouse Dega satin oxford $54.95

Chinese Laundry platforms $59.95



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