Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Love it or Leave it?

Nicole Kidman's animal print fade away jacket looks more like she got a job as a chimney sweep and got ashes on the shoulders of her jacket. But hey, I could be alone in my assessment, what do you think?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Don't sweat it

How to wear sweater dresses seems to be the question of the moment from my dear readers.

on the street

First, no VPL's (visible panty lines!) You don't have to "go commando" or wear a thong if you don't want, there is underwear available with invisible lines or try bodyshapers like spanx to hold in those problem areas. Nuff said.

To define your waist add a belt, but be aware of the weight of the knit, if it's too bulky forgo the belt.

Take a good hard look at your body type. If you have a curvier body, make sure that the dress is not too tight or you may want to opt for leggings or jeans underneath.

La Redoute ribbed sweater dress $34.99

How short is too short? Shorter women can wear the mini style of this look and it make legs look a mile long. The tallers can go a little shorter than normal if you pair with tights or boots, but your dress shouldn't look like a shirt a la Lindsay Lohan:

Out shopping for pants, perhaps?

bebe long sleeve minidress $89; embellished sweater dress $88.80 @ Arden B (on sale!)

Stella McCartney oversized sweater dress $865; Temperley London knitted dress $1,292

Old Navy turtleneck sweater dress $22.99 (on sale!)

frosted sweater dress $178, soft pour sweater dress $188 both from Anthropologie

Francesca's Collections turtleneck sweater dress $42; Missoni turtleneck sweater dress $299 (on sale!) @ Intermix

Stay cozy!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cover Story: Nia, Sanaa and Gabrielle

Nia Long and BFF's Sanaa Lathan and Gabrielle Union cover the December issue of Essence magazine. I love all of these actresses so I look forward to getting mine in the mail.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Colored Tights: Yea or Nay?

Colored tights, seen on Fall and Spring runways have made their way into the mainstream. Blues, purples, oranges, and of course red; almost all colors have made the list. If you want to try the trend, keep everything else simple, I would recommend neutrals, grey (the new black) or black. I think they look great with minidresses with a platform shoe. So whaddya think, is this the trend for you?

Find multiple colors on these sites:

American Apparel
We love colors
Target (This is where I got my orange, blue and red ones!)

Runway looks

Don't think this look is for you? Patterned tights are more subdued but still add some flair.

Forever 21 knit tights $8.80; Aristoc velvet flock tights $13.75 at Alex Blake; Joy of socks Melanie crochet tights $8

Ashley Olsen and Lee Lee Sobieski wearing the trends

Want something really out there? Try these Emilio Cavallini two tone pantyhose @ Alex Blake

Monday, November 12, 2007

Site of the day: Tall Couture

I came to a realization last week; I like being tall. I am not unusually tall (5'8") but I am taller than most people I see in a given day. This is definitely an advantage when looking for those ever elusive cute sweaters on the top shelf at Zara, grabbing a box of cookies at the grocery store, and looking longer and leggier in my favorite pair of DVF wide leg trousers. But it does suck when I buy pants, most have a 32" inseam and I like my pants looooong. (It's a disorder, I know.) Well, I found a website, Tall Couture that addresses the issue of having long torsos, long arms and long legs. Created by two sisters, both six feet tall who have experienced the angst of ill fitting shoes, pants and shirts, the site boasts a 38" inseam for pants, designer jeans and trendy accessories that might not normally be available on traditional sites. I think the jeans are the greatest coup, brands like 7 for All Mankind, Hudson, Joe's Jeans and Red Engine are all represented. Check out the site here.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dolly: The cloned sheep

Strange thing going on at work this Fall: copyism. Everyone is wearing pretty much the same thing and its distressing to see, this sheep effect. "Where did you get that?" is no longer just a random question but a challenge: Tell me so that I can get it too. Target seems to be the catalyst, everyone shops there, it's turning into a badge of honor. Colored tights. "Ooooh I want some, where did you get those? I'm gonna go to Target and get some too!" Alice Temperley top. "Me too, me too! I'm going at lunchtime to cop that!" (Okay, so these girls don't say "cop that" but you get the idea.) And I love me some Target, but the time has come to bid it adios for a minute until the frenzy dies down. I'm afraid I am going to have to turn into one of the ladies who says she "forgot" where she got something. Or say I got it somewhere random like Tibet or Australia.

Make it yours ladies, make it yours.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fall has fallen!

Fall is officially here and I am ready for some cooler weather! Not too cold, just to be able to wear a light coat or jacket is cold enough for my bones.

Kimichi & Blue ruffle collar coat $140 @ Urban Outfitters (love this!)

Red wraparound jacket $435 at Style Scene

Big wool collar coat $150 @ Style Scene

Priorities wool bell sleeve jacket $158 @ South Moon Under

Victoria's Secret wool coat $128

Plasticland ivory wool 50's style coat $102

Old Navy cropped pea coat $78



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