Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Colored Tights: Yea or Nay?

Colored tights, seen on Fall and Spring runways have made their way into the mainstream. Blues, purples, oranges, and of course red; almost all colors have made the list. If you want to try the trend, keep everything else simple, I would recommend neutrals, grey (the new black) or black. I think they look great with minidresses with a platform shoe. So whaddya think, is this the trend for you?

Find multiple colors on these sites:

American Apparel
We love colors
Target (This is where I got my orange, blue and red ones!)

Runway looks

Don't think this look is for you? Patterned tights are more subdued but still add some flair.

Forever 21 knit tights $8.80; Aristoc velvet flock tights $13.75 at Alex Blake; Joy of socks Melanie crochet tights $8

Ashley Olsen and Lee Lee Sobieski wearing the trends

Want something really out there? Try these Emilio Cavallini two tone pantyhose @ Alex Blake


Anonymous said...

lol. thats ashly olsen not ashley simpson. and no i will not be wearing the colored tights. i do like the black tights with prints and black sweater tights

jnetteb said...

oops, my bad, i meant ashley olsen. good eye!

Anonymous said...

I tried to get it going with red tights (bought last year [and then-hard to find] but never worn) this morning and I just couldn't do it. It was a dark brown dress, but unless the shoes are in the same color family, you just look chopped up, and kind of clown-like.



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