Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fall has fallen!

Fall is officially here and I am ready for some cooler weather! Not too cold, just to be able to wear a light coat or jacket is cold enough for my bones.

Kimichi & Blue ruffle collar coat $140 @ Urban Outfitters (love this!)

Red wraparound jacket $435 at Style Scene

Big wool collar coat $150 @ Style Scene

Priorities wool bell sleeve jacket $158 @ South Moon Under

Victoria's Secret wool coat $128

Plasticland ivory wool 50's style coat $102

Old Navy cropped pea coat $78


Kim said...

I love that coat from Victoria's secret. The belt is so chic.

Janet said...

hello! considering the content of your blog, i thought you might be interested in this website i came across... its called you should check it out! all the clothes are sold for only $16 each! take care... and i love your compilation of fall coats!




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