Thursday, September 27, 2007

Building blocks

Color block heels or spectators are a huge trend for the coming months and give your look that little extra panache when you're wanting to turn heads. Available in many different color combinations, these would look perfect with a dress or pencil skirt. Either way, I am on board!

Zinc "Pixie" $99 @

Knock off of this Miu Miu shoe available at Baker's for $59.99

Nine West Vasca $89 (love these!)

Miu Miu Naplak spectator $575

Enzo Angiolini Katlyn $98.95

Nine West Nastro $69.99

Charles by Charles David Brava $93.99

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No Common Man

Rapper and actor Common is known for his unique choice of headgear and style as well as for his conscious based lyrics. Now Common has lent his name to Italian based La Coppola Storta, an Italian company that handcrafts traditional newsboy toppers and reinvents them with a current feel. Common's goal for his line, Soji Rebirth is to bring back the old school tradition of wearing hats because as he says "a hat is another way to put on a crown."

Monday, September 24, 2007

They're at it again!

A couple of pics from the Sex and the City movie being shot in the Big Apple. Get ready SATC fans, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are back! Jennifer Hudson has also signed on to play Carrie's new assistant. The movie is set to be released May 30, 2008.

The girls (Notice that each one has her own personal style)

Carrie's Eiffel Tower bag

Flower power

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Perfect Fit!

Black pinstripe capri suit $180 (My fave!)

Capri pencil dress $130

Capri tailored pencil suit $185

Ever wonder how that woman you see always looks so put together and tailored? Most of us cannot buy anything off the rack without adjustments being made to the fit (unless you are oh so lucky!) New York based design team April Marin gives you that custom made feel because, well, it's custom made. Not sure how to measure yourself? The site gives you instructions on how to measure as well as suggestions for having someone do it for you. Send in your measurements and a photo of yourself and 3 weeks later, made to your exact specifications, April Marin has created threads to fit your proportions and make you feel fabulous!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Revisit: ASOS

More great finds at one of my favorite online sites, asos. They have revamped the website and you can see great celeb "inspired by" outfits as well as create your own style. Make sure you change the currency in the top right corner to get the correct prices. Check out these accessories that are featured and most importantly the prices are reasonable!

Reminiscent of the Fendi belt I profiled. Oversized gem belt $22.15 (available in 3 colors)

Slingback platform $55.39 (available in yellow also)
Metallic chop out corset belt $33.23

This is an interesting shape, one that would not accomodate my figure but I like it.
(Sadly not available!)

Antique Batik buckle belt $332.31

Ribbon trim suede shoe $221.54

Side pocket buckle boot $77.54

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fast Forward: Marc Jacobs Spring 2008

Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 Ready to Wear line sadly does not rock my world. Featuring deconstructed flowy fabrics with mix and match styles, I cannot see even the boldest fashionista wearing these designs.

After the hype surrounding Spanish designers requiring models to have a certain body mass index, I was hoping the U.S. designers would follow suit. No such luck after seeing this abnormally thin model at Jacobs' show:

Images from the show:

Monday, September 10, 2007

Style Verdict: Simply Simple

After I read that someone went to a Kohl's store in another state on August 28th and the Simply Vera collection from Vera Wang was already in stores, I dragged a friend of mine with me to check it out a day early. And there it was, crammed into a section smaller than my coat closet, the selection of dresses, tops and skirts that I had been waiting for. I watched my friend's eyes get bigger as my pile of "try ons" got larger and larger. I shuffled on to the dressing room along with two other shoppers with the same Vera Wang itch. Navy pleated top: too big. "I need a smaller size!" I yelled to my comrade. "No smaller size" she replied after checking. Navy and grey gauze type dress with elasticized belt: again, too big. Black dress: same scenario. I didn't eat breakfast that morning but I know I hadn't lost that much weight from skipping a meal. Black skirt with side pockets: cute but too big. Smaller size: I looked like the weight loss commercial when the person stretches out the pants to show how much weight they've lost. Another smaller size: finally fits great in the waist. But my main reason for checking out the collection was the black textured coat that I posted a picture of previously. But the black seemed too boring. So I tried on the camel color and and of course it was TOO BIG! Luckily they had a smaller size so I took pics to show what it looks like on a real person.

Long textured coat $128

Here are some other things that I tried on:

Colorblock dress $128; pleated pocket skirt $64

Pleated tee $44; Pinch pocket cardigan $44

As you can see these are NOT Target Go International prices which is a little daunting; it's Vera Wang but it's at Kohl's for gosh sakes. I talked to the other two ladies in the dressing room about the clothing line. One of the ladies walked dejectedly out of the fitting room empty handed. "I liked the coat but it didn't look good on me." The other woman seemed more upbeat, "I love this white top," she gushed "and the babydoll sweater." We talked about the coat and she said that she didn't like the fit on her either.

Overall, I wasn't too fazed by the collection, the elastic belts are unforgiving for the average person to wear and $34 and $48 for simple tees and polo sweaters just don't do it for me. Did you visit the store and if so, what did you think? Comments about the fit of the coat that I tried on?

Poplin wrap top $54; Jacquard bubble skirt $98

Black belted dress $68; Ruffle blouse $58 (This wasn't at the store that I shopped at)



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