Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Gap is going European, sorta. They are introducing a new web only edition of wares created in their "European studios" that purport to be inspired by international trends. If the new international trends are boring then they are definitely leading the pack. It's the same ol' tees, same ol' sweaters and same ol' pants that has them losing money and hiring a new CEO.

This is the only thing that I found remotely interesting:

Cashmere wide striped dress $78

I figure colored tights could salvage it.

Otherwise, eh. To view the entire collection, click here.


Anonymous said...

I actually beg to differ on this point about GAP being boring, Gap is the most wondeful place to buy reliable basics, to help build up your own main line wardrobe, i know many people here in fashion in London who use stuff from there as a base i think it makes good economic sense to buy a plain white t-shirt for about £9 instead of having to fork out £50 to get one from RL.
In Gap's defence you don't get better basics from anywhere else i think or just here in London is the way i see it.
Cashmere sweater for £69 Gap or £300 Pringle i know where i will be heading.


jnetteb said...

It is great for basics but not for anything different and they are trying to market this European brand as different from their normal basics. Thanks for your comments, I welcome them all!



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