Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Perfect Fit!

Black pinstripe capri suit $180 (My fave!)

Capri pencil dress $130

Capri tailored pencil suit $185

Ever wonder how that woman you see always looks so put together and tailored? Most of us cannot buy anything off the rack without adjustments being made to the fit (unless you are oh so lucky!) New York based design team April Marin gives you that custom made feel because, well, it's custom made. Not sure how to measure yourself? The site gives you instructions on how to measure as well as suggestions for having someone do it for you. Send in your measurements and a photo of yourself and 3 weeks later, made to your exact specifications, April Marin has created threads to fit your proportions and make you feel fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Hi !

Thanks for the post. I love the pinstripe suit also. Do you know the website where I can purchase one? tried to google her name and no success :(

thanks !

Irene said...

They are also launching a brand new line of coats, suits, dresses for the Winter/Spring...shoot them an email and they will give you the updates.
Happy Shopping!

jnetteb said...

Thanks! I can't believe I forgot to add the link!

Anonymous said...

Those low prices make me wonder about the quality of the fabric they are using is.

Chelsea said...

ohhh the quality of the fabric is great!!! i just ordered the black capri dress and it is amazzzzzzing! cant wait to order again from aprilmarin

Kim said...

I just adore all of these pieces. They're so chic and affordable.

Anonymous said...

The quality is similar to Theory very soft and comfortable, fits just right! AprilMarin has the right idea.



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