Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Please Don't Kill My Vibe

My phone rang. I looked down at it and couldn't stop smiling as I saw the name "Mike" pop up on my screen. Awesome possum! I thought as I answered it. "Hey babe, what's good?" he asked as I tried to make my voice sound regular and not like I was cheesing oh-so-hard.

(Took my hair down and got new glasses. Time for a change. I like it.)

Monday, July 29, 2013

The New York Times: Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

After my People/Bic For Her photo shoot I had the opportunity to meet up with Audrey of Miss Moon's Musings for some tasty adult beverages, great conversation and lots of laughs. Audrey and I met in person during my last visit to NYC so I was excited to see her again. And when I tell you Audrey gives good voice, I mean it! She has the BEST voice, it's all soothing and seductive and stuff. And her stories about her job literally had me in tears. #TeamAudrey #BrooklynInTheHouse

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The New York Times: Pose For The Camera Now, Click Click

The story of how my trip came to be: It was about a month and a half ago and I was on and they were asking for submissions for your must-have accessory. I submitted my photo (this one) and named my bracelets (of course) as my must have accessory which is such the truth. I think people were supposed to vote on submissions but I didn't think anything else about it until I was contacted by People about a month later letting me know that I was a finalist in the contest. Oh em geeeeeeeeeeee, what?!? I didn't even know what the prize was until they contacted me. I had to submit notarized information that I was who I said I was (Catfish, anyone?) and they completed a background check and then I was notified that I was one of four winners of the People magazine Bic For Her contest! I remember seeing the email on the last day of summer school and I could barely contain my excitement! I couldn't believe it and called my mom immediately. She was so excited even though I told her that I wasn't going to tell many people yet. She thought that I was crazy but I guess because it didn't feel real to me so I just wanted to let it marinate for a bit. 

The winners of the contest (us four in the middle), the marketing team, People Inc. 
and Bic For Her staff

Friday, July 19, 2013

The New York Times: Hello Brooklyn!

I have been thinking of the words that I would use to describe my trip and I keep using the word amazing. As in 'causing great surprise or wonder; startlingly impressive.' And it was. I felt so fully in the moment every step of the way, I just wanted to take it all in and absorb everything. And I loved the experience.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dead End

One last post before I'm off to the NYC. I think at this point I would pay someone to choose and pack my oufits for me, I hate packing! Prolly because I am limited as to what I can bring, I love to have options and my carryon will not let me be great.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

It's Getting Hot In Here

  Hey people! Thanks for the congratulatory comments from my post about my New York trip and special shoutout to reader Simplybee for the suggestions, I will be taking you up on as many of those as I can!
I wanted to share a little tidbit with y'all....



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