Thursday, November 30, 2006

A little sumthin sumthin...

I have been busy adjusting to my new gig so I don't have a lot of time to update like I want to. Just thought I'd leave you guys with some things that I like until I get more time.

Antonio Melani Fable pump in berry; Jeffrey Campbell cutout heel

Urban Outfitters microsuede stacked heel

Isaac Mizrahi Trapunto dress; Issa long sleeve wrap dress

Hot Kiss flower lace dress; Pink Elf kimono dress

Neiman Marcus Lookbook

Need a seven foot tall pencil skyscraper? Neiman's has it for $40,000

I was just looking thru the Neiman Marcus Christmas book and I am awestruck. The offerings are out of this world - literally. Some people may browse for gifts but the most talked about section is the fantasy gift selection. You can charter spaceship Virgin Galactic for a trip into space for a mere $1,764,000 bucks. Too "out there" for ya? How about buying your little ones their own water park complete with 26 interactive columns (100 grand, folks.) But if you wanted to get the Limited Edition M6 BMW convertible, you are out of luck. There were only 50 available in the U.S. and they sold out in 92 seconds. (I guess my boyfriend is waiting to surprise me with mine at Christmas!)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Faux or No?

With "It" bags changing so often, I wondered if anyone had any qualms about carrying a knockoff. I had a friend buy me a faux Kate Spade some years ago and I was so self conscious that everyone would be able to tell that it wasn't real that I "retired" it early. I am not talking about bags that have similar characteristics of other bags, I mean "Ucci" and "Bendi"instead of Gucci and Fendi. So what's the verdict, will you fake it til you make it or is it nothing but the real thing for you?

This Fendi spy bag has been duplicated many times over, but you can either spend the $3,300 this costs or try and spot the fake here. You can also find this style on a previous site I profiled here.

Chloe Paddington bag $1,540 @ net-a-porter. If you don't want to break the bank, get the same style here.

Kanye West's fiancee, Alexis carrying the Fendi B. Fendi large chain bag $2,130 @ eluxury.

Want one? Get it here for less.

Marc Jacobs Hudson bag $1,275 @ Neiman Marcus. Want a steal? Check out Fashion Flairs for a similar look.

You can also find handbags that are based on some designer bags at Aldo's and asos. (For people that live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, you should definitely go to Sam Moon for handbags, replicas or not. They have a website but there is a small selection and the bags shown on the site don't look so hot. There's nothing like going to the store and finding yourself in a sea of bags.)

Monday, November 27, 2006

You asked, I delivered

Luv Jones, you asked for a picture of the pants Mary J. wore on the American Music Awards so here ya go. I don't believe they are riding pants, they are high waisted pants that are tucked into her boots.

Here is a photo of Scarlett Johannson wearing a similar look sans boots at the Imitation of Christ fashion show.

If you want to try the look, you can try these Peter Som "Glitter Stretch Flannel Slim Trouser" at

Street Style

Taking a peek into someone else's closet:

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006

Richie Says "No" to Zoe

I have just learned that Nicole Richie has fired her longtime stylist Rachel Zoe in order to surround herself with more "positive influences." I read about Rachel Zoe ages ago but the information I read wasn't flattering so I didn't profile her. It has been rumored that she encourages her celebrity clients (who include Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton) to look like her, which is unbearably underweight. Billed as the "architect of size 0 mania" many wonder why most of Zoe's clients have had such widespread speculation about their weight (or lack thereof).

Rachel Zoe and Nicole

After seeing Richie so alarmingly thin, here's hoping that she benefits from "cleaning out her closet" and getting rid of Zoe. Here she is at the American Music Awards after hiring celeb stylist Cristina Ehrlich:

Giveable Gifts

Wonderful gift ideas for your favorite fashionista all for under $20!

Red Box Talking pedometer $10 from Target. I am going to get one of these to make sure that I take my 10,000 steps per day. Cool Cosmic coasters ($10 for set of 4) make for a great hostess gift.

Gap sequined clutch $16.50 and Blossomin' Diva journal $8.99

Pamela Barskey luggage tags $12 and Stella McCartney eau de perfume roll-on @ Sephora $10

Inexpensive enough that you can get something for yourself as a reward for finding such great gifts!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Designer Coco Chanel popularized the Little Black Dress over 80 years ago and it's legacy is still going strong.

Chetta B printed cocktail dress and Kay Unger sleeveless jersey dress both from Saks

Maggy London chiffon halter dress @ Dillard's; Wet Seal bow front tube dress; Pinstripe pencil dress from Arden B (on sale!)

Delia's Victoria dress and Barney's (sale) inverted V-coat dress

Here are some tips for looking your best in your Little Black Dress:

Petite ladies look best in sheath and empire waist dresses but make sure that the dress doesn't overpower your small frame. Trying to look bigger by buying a sack looking dress just makes you look like you need a sandwich (or a protein shake.).

Okay, for my curvy ladies (me included) we should look for fabrics that drape over your curves. Now let's define drape: 100% Spandex = no, 100% Lycra = no, any fabric that shows off all lumps and bumps = no. And if you insist on wearing this, then it's time for your friends to take charge of the situation. "Friends don't let friends show lumps." Look for A-line and wrap dresses to show off your assests.

My ladies with full busts (lucky!) should look for v-neck styles because it draws attention to your face and lengthens your neckline. (Just make sure that the bust is not too tight, no stuffed sausages, please.)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Onward and upward!

Today is my last day at my job as I begin a new journey as a merchandising coordinator for a luxury retailer. I am a little apprehensive to leave my current job because I enjoyed the office that I worked in and the familiarity of the job, but my new career will be the first step in becoming a buyer and pursuing my passion. This is the beginning of something new and exciting and I look forward to the challenge as I learn and experience a whole new environment.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mad for Plaid

There is more to plaid than just kilts and I think that some tartans can make you a fashion do.

I am in love with this Burberry coat! Make sure to keep everything else simple and tailored underneath, you don't want it to look like a robe!

Petite ladies like Kelly Ripa can successfully wear this L.A.M.B red cocktail dress without it overpowering her small frame.

This dress, also by L.A.M.B. has been worn by a couple of celebs, including Tracee Ellis Ross on the set of Girlfriends. I think more ladies can get away with wearing this because it has more muted colors than the red plaid above. (If you are too hippy, stay away from this dress, the pockets will maximize your hips.)

If you don't want to go plaid all over, this jacket is a great alternative and looks great with jeans.



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