Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Faux or No?

With "It" bags changing so often, I wondered if anyone had any qualms about carrying a knockoff. I had a friend buy me a faux Kate Spade some years ago and I was so self conscious that everyone would be able to tell that it wasn't real that I "retired" it early. I am not talking about bags that have similar characteristics of other bags, I mean "Ucci" and "Bendi"instead of Gucci and Fendi. So what's the verdict, will you fake it til you make it or is it nothing but the real thing for you?

This Fendi spy bag has been duplicated many times over, but you can either spend the $3,300 this costs or try and spot the fake here. You can also find this style on a previous site I profiled here.

Chloe Paddington bag $1,540 @ net-a-porter. If you don't want to break the bank, get the same style here.

Kanye West's fiancee, Alexis carrying the Fendi B. Fendi large chain bag $2,130 @ eluxury.

Want one? Get it here for less.

Marc Jacobs Hudson bag $1,275 @ Neiman Marcus. Want a steal? Check out Fashion Flairs for a similar look.

You can also find handbags that are based on some designer bags at Aldo's and asos. (For people that live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, you should definitely go to Sam Moon for handbags, replicas or not. They have a website but there is a small selection and the bags shown on the site don't look so hot. There's nothing like going to the store and finding yourself in a sea of bags.)


Butterfly Jewels said...

I am not into wearing fake bags that have like the actual name of the designer such as fake Fendi or Gucci or LV. I'm not gonna lie when I was younger I loved to go to Georgetown in DC to check out the latest knockoffs. Now I may get a bag that is styled after a designer bag but half the time I don;t even know it is based on a top brand.

tperkins123 said...

Honestly I dont mind carrying a knockoff, be it a real, true knockoff that has all the true qualities or just a look a like. The way I see it if I am going to pay that much for a purse, say $1200, I betta have that much dough to put inside it when I carry it. Ya feel me. Some people are into that I just cant fathom it. I probably wont ever be able to afford a pocketbook that cost that much no I will get it the way that I can.


Anonymous said...

My mother always said "If you can't buy the real McCoy then you just have to do without". I have always invested in the real thing so I have a shelf of bags that could finance a luxury vehicle. The only bag I won't buy at this point is the Hermes Birkin!!



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