Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bust the bubble?

J-lo and Rihanna

I know you may have seen the bubble dresses that are popping up all over the place but I am not sure about this trend. With me being ampley endowed in the derriere I just don't see how this could be flattering on me but some mags are saying that this style actually conceals rear ends and thighs. So I need you to weigh in, is this look a keeper?

Get Gwyneth's Burberry Prorsum Crepe bubble hem dress $1,535 at net-a-porter.


ambika said...

I really like the subtle tucked-under hems of the celebrities you've posted. Far too often, however, this doesn't translate so well in the affordable realm of Old Navy & Target. When I see it on the street, too short, too bubbly or just downright sloppy looking, I remind myself that it's not something I'll ever try.

Anonymous said...

It's an adorable look, but I agree, only when it's subtle. As a 41-year old, I also think it's kind of youngish. What's the rule--if you wore it when it first came out you don't wear it when it's revived? I had a bubble skirt in the '80s.

Anonymous said...

Definitely NOT a keeper...especially if you're curvy. Keep in mind who the fashion mags are talking to when they say it conceals hips and thighs.



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