Thursday, January 23, 2014


First, can we talk about this sweatshirt? 

Friday, January 17, 2014


I don't have any new pictures to post and I ran across these that I took during Christmas break so I figure they are better than nothing.
(Showcasing my birthday gifts from Reiko over at God's Favorite Shoes.)

Sunday, January 05, 2014

2013 Year In Review

Hey y'all. Hey. I have compiled a list of Things I Learned in 2013 for y'all. Enjoy.

1. Unexpectedly awesome things can happen. Expect good things. 

2. People mean well but you can't always take everyone's advice. People forever giving relationship advice when their man don't work, don't wanna work and doesn't even consider you his 'main girl.' Or you telling me what men like and you rollerset your hair and wear pantyhose. Consider the source is all I'm saying, consider the source.....

3. I really REALLY like Beyonce now. (I secretly love her.) I don't want to say that I'm a part of the Beyhive but I might put someone's tires on flat if I hear them bashing Beyonce. People mad about her cd saying its too sexual,  I don't remember her saying that she was only going to make kid friendly music. And she's talking about Jay-Z, so duh! #AccordingToHerHePutsItDown #IKnewIt 

4. I have some great friends. But I learned that it is best to keep your circle tight. And loyalty is important to me. I told someone that I think it is hard to be my friend because I do have high expectations of friendships but that is because I consider myself to be a great friend. So yes, if I can't trust you I will snatch my friendship back from you and leave you where you at. You wasting my friendship time. 

5. I would rather have no date than this blog post right here. No thank you, I would rather stay home and get drunk and watch Real Basketball Wives Love & Hip Hop Preachers of Atlanta.
6. I  have always done this but I came to the realization that I like to know people's motivations about things. I always want to know why someone did something, I guess I want to know the backstory. My major was psychology in college before I switched it because I was obsessed with why people did the things that they do. If you are posting blog photos and your background is messy I'm not e'em caring about your outfit, I'm wondering "Does she work a lot? Did she not think we would notice all that ish in the background? How she got a man with her being so junky?" I swear this is the truth, Reiko will be trying to show me how cute someone's outfit is and I'm asking "Did she wear that to work? Where is she going? Does she have a secret benefactor?" It drives her crazy! 

6. I learned that some people are always mad and apparently that's what's hot in the streets on social media. People ain't always 'coming for you.' I had a brief Instagram Altercation (this could also serve as a song title) with a blogger that I felt was being self-righteous and hostile to people who disagreed with her rants on Instagram. I just didn't understand why she always seemed so angry. People getting all up in arms about Rihanna's Doobie hairstyle? Fo real? My question to her was why can't there be room for all opinions instead of the "if you like that you ain't got no standards" type thinking? So of course that turned into people 'coming for me, you can unfollow me if you want to but I'm still a child of God in the name of The Lord.' Ma'am, calm down. Is it coming for you if I'm asking why everything has to be so adversarial? It has never been that serious and if it is to you, you got to get out more. But you leave people where they are, you can't make people be happy and as we say in Texas, bless her heart. (And yes, I did unfollow her, I don't have time to be at odds with people I'ont'eem'know in my real life.) Sidenote: I'll bet she's a real hit at parties.

7. People will try and be shady on your blog and leave comments and pretend that someone else did it and I will still shut.that.ish.down. If it's you, your "niece", your baby mama, stay off my ish, you were not invited to this party and you can't sit with us. To my person from #6, I consider this as 'someone coming for you' it is unnecessary and unwarranted shade designed to elicit a response, not you going off on a tangent and getting mad because people disagree with your opinion. #YoureWelcome 

8. Sometimes you have to take risks in love. Or like. Or whatever it is. Even if it doesn't turn out the way that you hoped. I would rather know that I left nothing unsaid than never having said it at all. Just be honest. And take chances. It'll all be okay.

9. You can't make yourself like somebody romantically. No matter who people try and set you up with. And how much money he makes. (I don't know why people act as if someone having a lot of money should excuse everything else.) Although I feel that people's standards aren't really that high when they are trying to set me up anyway. "He's been married four times but he's a nice guy. I don't know where he works but he's always got a pocketful of cash. If he was alive I would set you two up." These are all true statements people have said to me I swear fo Gawd. 

10. I strongly, strongly believe that if you are grateful for all things, the good and the bad, if you strive to be a blessing, and if you see the humor in it all, people will remember it and appreciate having you in their life. Or so I've heard.....
2013 was filled with lots of firsts and of course lots of laughs
and I know that 2014 will be uber-awesome!

And without further ado, click here for a video of my year in review.



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