Friday, January 17, 2014


I don't have any new pictures to post and I ran across these that I took during Christmas break so I figure they are better than nothing.
(Showcasing my birthday gifts from Reiko over at God's Favorite Shoes.)

I have a student who is very concerned with my love life. Or lack of one. She asked me at the beginning of the school year if I was married. I told her no and she asked if I was engaged. Nope. "A boyfriend?' she asked pleadingly. I shook my head no. "But WHY?" she asked, looking at me all earnestly. "I wish I had answers for you" I laughingly told her. "That's crazy" she said and I told her "We are in agreement."

So now she will ask me at random times if certain male teachers are married as if she is going to try and set me up with them. I appreciate her tenacity. She also told me not to do speed dating because I'm not 'desperate.' I assured her that I didn't think speed dating was for me and she nodded her head in relief. Maybe this 6th grader can be my dating coach because she is definitely on a mission!

My favorite-est gift! I love to journal and Reiko had it custom made for me!
I love it so much I don't e'em want to write in it!
Journal and pillow by Olive Paperie, tell Dana I sent you!

Conversation with my friend's daughter (she's 6):
T: You ain't married yet?
Me (liking the fact that she said 'yet'): Naw
T: Well when are you going to get married?
Me (liking the fact that she assumes it's my choice): Hmmm, I'm not sure, I guess I gotta get to work on that.
T: Yes. You should.

I love talking with kids. They'll give it to you straight.
 But in the meantime I get people like this dude at the gym who forgot that he had already tried to get my number and went into his whole spiel like we didn't just do this a couple of months ago. I'm thinking that if you don't remember that you already tried to "holla at me" (ask me out for those of you are unfamiliar)  and I said no, then you, sir, are doing too much. You try to talk to that many women? Or am I just forgettable? Either way, you need to remember these things because it ain't a good look. I had to tell him "We've already done this dance." (I really hated this guy's approach, he was horrible!) He was eyeballing me like the cartoon where everything looks like food. I expected him to stick out his tongue and do pelvic thrusts towards me. You can look interested but don't be a pervert. No one likes a pervert. 

 *My nephew took these photos, he could care less about my directions*.
Glasses: BonLook
Sweater: Target
Tee: Target
Sweater tights: H&M
Boots: Marshalls

But I won't give up hope. I can't, it's on my damn vision board! 
"I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade...
And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party." ~Ron White


Katrina said...

I am an elementary school counselor. There is an entire class of 2nd graders who are also concerned about my marital status. They were even thinking about breaking up marriages, so I could marry the other staff member. I had to tell them, we don't do such things. They just know that we're good people and we should have it all. Gotta love the kids!

Simplybee said...

Aww.. that was a very sweet post..I love the rawness of children no filters. I would love to find a comparable partner & my hope is that you have the same. I don't know you personally J but youre my cuzin in my head your zest for life the love you show in your profession your bad ass fashion sense your love for ratchet music lol..shoot what's not to love..& the best is waiting just for you. In this I pray.

Natasha Bernard said...

Super cool gifts. That journey is fabulous indeed. Love what you are rocking as well. That color combo is everything.

Fashionably Fabulous

Shelby Livingston said...

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YoyosFashions said...

Very sweet!! Cute look!



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