Friday, July 30, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Graphic Artist

I decided to wear jeans today. Too bad it was a million degrees out, you may be able to see the beads of sweat on my brow in some of the pictures.

I had a teaching job interview yesterday (I KNOW, I just started looking!) and color me excited for even being called in.

I had no time to take pics but I like to be relatively conservative for interviews so I wore black wide leg pants, black pumps, a white button down shirt, of course a bold necklace and carried a green handbag.

But apparently I was the only one who decided to be conservative because of the other two women there for interviews, one had on a low cut, short, sleeveless dress with flat sandals and the other had a light brown and black striped hair weave that resembled a skunk.

I'm all for personal expression but sometimes you just can't show all of your hand at once. You need to ease into some things. It was literally STRIPED! For a job interview? I couldn't begin to tell you what she had on because I was so outdone by the hair.

I really wish someone would bear witness to all of the tomfoolery I encounter because the stories are so outlandish. I used to work at a truancy court and a parent came to court with coins glued onto her hair. Currency, people. A nickel, a dime, some pennies all glued onto her updo hairstyle. I guess she needed a change! Get it? A change? Because she had the....oh, never mind!

 Hopefully I will find out about the teaching position soon.....

Have a fabulous weekend!

Monday, July 26, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Flower Girl

 My friend bought me this dress after I tried it on and didn't want to pay the eight dollars that it cost (low cost thrifting has really spoiled me!) Coincidentally my friend Sonya has this exact dress that she bought from a thrift store also! *Great minds!*


The dress came with an attached belt but I wanted to break up the pattern so I added my own belt. 

Dress: Thrifted (Tag says 'JG Hook')
Belt: Can't remember where I got it
Orange platform sandals: Guess

I did notice that I wore a dress every day of my training and I thought about wearing pants just to show everyone that it wasn't for religious reasons, (I was asked that question before!) It's simply because dresses are so 1. easy 2. cooler than pants or jeans 3. did I mention easy?

I finished my training and I am now what you would call a "Highly Qualified" teaching candidate (I'm not bragging, those are their words, not mine!) I am extremely excited about my new career field and I look forward to finding a fabulous school to teach at. So in honor of my accomplishment, here is my video of the day:


Sunday, July 25, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Maxi-mum Cool

Anyone who has seen me multiple times this summer (or last) may think to themselves "She surely loves that dress" and that is because I do! I don't have to iron it, it's long (I enjoy long dresses) and it has what? *All together now*.... POCKETS! My friend Sonya and I saw this dress and I urged her to try it on but she said it wasn't her style so I tried it on and had to get it. It is surprisingly cool even on warmer days and I can throw on boots, my denim jacket or a cardigan in the cooler temps. I wore the jacket because we were inside most of the day and took it off outside so I wouldn't pass out in this Texas heat.

In other news, I have been extremely frustrated and irritated with the way that things are going lately. I made a plan of what I wanted to do and how I would achieve it and all kinds of wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers have been thrown into the plan. (AND I also decided to give up bread for two weeks so I'm sure that plays a huge factor in my irritable-ness.) I know that this is a temporary situation with long term results so I am looking forward to sharing my testimony after surviving the test. I am obtaining my alternative certification to teach and will be eligible to teach once school begins but have to survive until then. I call this "my summer of living dangerously" because there has been no back-up plan or wealthy benefactor, just my jewelry sales and awesome friends and family helping me to realize my dream. You never know what you can live without until you have to. And although I get anxious sometimes, I believe that if I stay focused, things will come to fruition.

"Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing." James 1:2-4

So if you get a moment, please send a kind thought or prayer my way or if you're so inclined, send a check, I am not averse to donations at this point!

*I will still continue my personal shopping, styling business and will continue to sell jewelry and host fashion events so if you are interested in one or all, please let me know.*

AND now back to our regularly scheduled program.....

But THIS makes me happy:

This is Star. She sat next to me at training and looked cute while doing so. I couldn't stop staring at her ring and fab shoes!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Summer Stripes

Confession: I was late to my training this morning because I was watching the Good Times episode when T.C., a tomboy, had a crush on J.J. and got a makeover so that J.J. would notice her. Reiko over at God's Favorite Shoes and I were just discussing this very episode so I had to see the "new" T.C. to check out what she was wearing. Loved her dress and Willona's kimono top in this ep but I wonder if this would be considered an excused absence for the sake of fashion? *I did make a promise to be early tomorrow to offset my tardiness today.

What I wore:

Blue and white striped shirtdress: Thrifted
Belt: Cannot remember
Handbag: Prada
Brown sandals: Dillards can't remember the brand

Wore my hair in a side puff for something different, I liked it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Seeing Spots

Not sure if you can tell but this is a black and white dotted dress with a ruffle around the neckline. Pics were taken really quickly so as not to look like a loser in front of the 100+ people at my training.

Black and white polka dot dress: Willi Smith via T.J. Maxx
Hot pink skinny belt: Came with the dress
Yellow wedges: BCBG

Thanks Star for taking my pics!

This is Linda wearing one of my fave Fashion Nette-work jewelry pieces, the statement necklace. 

It's so chic paired with the button down white shirt.

Monday, July 19, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things......

I had a phenomenal time at the Clothes Swap/Napptural Hair Day with Nappiology, it combined two of my most favorite things, fashion and hair talk! I spoke on the ABC's of looking and feeling your best with what you may already have in your closet and dressing for YOU. We also had a clothes swap where I was able to score a few things and there was talk of having another one next month so I will keep you updated! Everyone left the swap with something which is always my goal. Here are some pics from the event:

This is one of the dresses from the clothes swap, isn't it adorable? I styled it with one of my necklaces for sale and the person who swapped for this dress also purchased the necklace! Stay posted for more photos from the event! 

While I was in Belton (a.k.a. "Big Belton!) for the 4th of July, a photographer asked if he could take my photo and gave me his card and I was able to check him out today. I was hoping he was The Sartorialist come to town, but no. 

Too bad I was looking away on this one.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Napptural Hair Day & Clothes Swap w/ Juanette

I have partnered with a wonderful group, Nappiology, Inc. to speak and host a Clothes Swap and Napptural Hair Day! Here are the deets:

Time: July 18 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Location: Betty Warmack Branch Library
760 Bardin Rd
Grand Prairie, TX
Sponsored By: Nappiology, Inc

this is how the clothes swap works:
each lady is asked to bring at least 8 never worn or gently used items whether its clothes, jewelry or shoes to swap that they want to find a good home. we stress that these need to be fashionable items not things that no one wants - you know the good stuff in your closet. once you arrive with your garments, then instructions will follow.

please note:
the clothes that are left behind will be donated to a local charity

i know it sounds like fun -


a napptural hair day is a day set aside for us to get together to talk about natural hair, products and other issues.

this is the perfect opporturnity to meet and talk to others who have natural beautiful hair.

please let us know the day of the event if you would like to have your hair done or did (smile) all we ask that you have clean hair - please note: those who are styling your hair are NOT hair stylist but just another member in the group.

come join us for a napptural beautiful hair day!

I will also have jewelry for sale! With the money you save on clothes, you can buy accessories!

I can't wait! Finds and photos to follow........

Friday, July 16, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Success! + A Dented Car

After my outfit despair of yesterday, I felt totally comfortable and at ease with today's ensemble. This has to be my favorite skirt ever, I have had it for many moons and will cry nonstop if I ever have to let it go. Paired it with a watercolor racerback tank, bold yellow earrings and even though you can't  see it, an orange skinny belt. I also love these earrings and cannot for the life of me remember where I bought them. I wear them to death!

While taking pics I heard a loud crash and went to investigate around the corner where my car was parked. A dead tree limb had decided to break free from it's owner and slam onto the side of my car leaving dents and scratches as its calling card. I decided that God was trying to tell me something for being so vain and taking photos of myself instead of seeing the beauty in the nature around me. But I did get some pretty good photos from my surroundings so that counts for something, right? RIGHT??

Outfit Details:

Sunglasses: Giorgio Armani
Yellow earrings: Can't remember
Racerback tank: Buffalo Exchange
Orange belt: Target
Green maxi skirt: Arden B
Brown flats: Payless from 84654975471 years ago *I just can't give them up*

Thanks to Petra for taking my pics today and consolation over the dent fiasco. Here's hoping Mesquite Parks and Rec fixes my car in a hurry....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Stink Face

I almost didn't do an outfit post today, nothing seemed to be working, don't you hate those days? I definitely feel that my winter wardrobe is more indicative of my personal style, in summer I believe it's more of a comfort thing. Especially in Texas, there's no layering, people want the least amount of clothing possible which is not always a good thing. In winter you can layer with different textures and also streamline looks with black tights and pops of color in your shoes and coats. I have sometimes wondered if I'm happier with my winter wardrobe because I was born in winter. OR maybe I'm just a weirdo....

But anyway.....

I found this fuschia Trina Turk dress at a thrift store for five bucks(!) There's a Trina Turk label but no size tag so I just crossed my fingers that it would fit (no dressing rooms at this thrift store) and it did! I believe that the dress is silk and it has pockets. *Did I mention that any dress with pockets is a deal sealer for me?

I paired with my Steve Madden pewter pump (previously seen here) and purple/gold tone statement necklace, similar to the ones that I have for sale but mine cost waaaaayy more retail and didn't come with earrings. 

But I am inspired by The Glamourai and her seemingly effortless style and daring mix of prints. I will shop my closet and see what jumps out at me tomorrow....

Until then, here's one of my fave songs and my current ringtone:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Goody Two Shoes

I call this dress, 'Miss Priss' it's so girlie with its puff sleeves and dainty bits of yellow, blue and green in it and I paired it with this yellow belt. Notice I changed the earrings from the long shot to the head shot, I needed a little more 'oomph' around the face since my hair was pulled back.

Dress: Thrifted *I think Goodwill
Yellow belt: Thrifted
Wooden sandals: Michael Kors

I am loving the photos over at Swagger360, I love street style and here are a couple of my favorites thus far....

This dress makes me so happy!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's Your Inspiration?

I have photos both in a binder that I have torn from magazines and online photos that I save for fashion inspiration. I love to look through magazines and if I see something on television, I try and find the look to save online. Sometimes I will print out the online photos and put them on my inspiration board. But at times it's not the actual pictured item that's inspiring, it may be a concept or just something that speaks to me.

EVERYONE has an inspiration board, right? Or is that only in my mad little world?

My ever changing Inspiration Board

My Inspiration: Scarf Headband

Garance Dore

      I love this look the most, I have been searching for a wide scarf 
but I may have to find some fun fabric to recreate the look.

My way:
Please do not ask me why I insist on taking photos throwing up the peace sign, I do love it though. It's way easier for me to look goofy than "model-y."

In The Fashionista's Closet:

Yellow and blue printed scarf: Thrifted *I also bought a yellow and purple print one but I can't find it anywhere! I wanted to wear that one with this dress* Scarf is more long than wide, can also be worn as a belt
Dress: I purchased from a home shopping party about three years ago. A girl who has/had a boutique in Houston came to town with her things and had a fashion party. I love this dress, I normally pin it because as you can see, it can be revealing.
Earrings: I can't recall where I got them but I remember they were cheap and they had the same earrings at Arden B for like $15

So now, do tell, what is YOUR inspiration?



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