Friday, August 31, 2007

Fashion Emergency!

Okay, so I'm on my way to work this morning and I am wearing my white wide leg Milly pants, black ruffled trapeze top, black sandals and yellow Chloe bag and running late (darn back to school traffic!) and putting on my makeup. So I carefully place napkins from my glove compartment across my lap and proceed to "get myself together." Looking oh so cute, I get to work, get out of my car and what do I see? Yes, ladies (and gents) Maybelline matte mousse on my Millys. Okay, I thought, I have my trusty Tide pen to do the trick and proceeded to basically smear makeup into the fabric. Then I look down and see MORE makeup on the other pant leg. "Do NOT panic, I can get through this day without meeting my Cute Quotient" I reason, but the vain resourceful me dismissed that idea. Luckily I had some clothes that I was going to take to drop off at Goodwill, nothing wrong with them, I try to give away a piece everytime I buy a piece or no longer want certain pieces. I ignore the strange looks from my co-workers as I search for something suitable to wear in my trunk. Black halter? Nope. Jeans with holes that I made but didn't have the same look as the manufactured kind I had seen in stores? No. Pay dirt! A light grey pencil skirt with a slit in the front. Now what? I grab the skirt, head into work, show my officemates the offending stains and head to the back where we keep our clothing samples. Why not just wear a sample you ask? Because am not the size 2's and 4's that live in those rooms for models to wear for the shoots. I let the coordinator know that I am going to borrow one of the rooms and carefully use our steamer to work the wrinkles out of the skirt. I slip it on, the fit is perfect, looks great with my top and sandals and walk proudly out of that room as if I had planned the whole thing. Now if the dry cleaner can just get the makeup out of my pants......

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

High and dry

Think that you have to be rail thin to wear high waists pants and skirts? Actually these silhouettes look great on curvy figures but there are stipulations:

If you have a tummy, this is not the style for you. It will draw attention to an area that you want to camouflage.

These look fabulous on long torsos and are a great way to define your waist and elongate your legs.

Wear them with fitted tops, preferably tucked in.

Bebe belted high waist pencil skirt $119

Le Train Bleu Karen Walker Rizzo pant $154

Dittos classic jeans $165 at Lisa Kline

Karen Walker Amelia pant $143 at Le Train Bleu

High waisted plaid skirt $78 at Victoria's Secret

Wet Seal high waist wide leg pant $29.50

Is this a trend that you would try?

Cassie modeling the trend from the latest Sean John collection

Kids Choice Awards

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Site of the Day: The Urban Collection

The Urban Collection, an online store chock full of vintage finds from the 50's through the 80's makes for one of a kind shopping. With stock updated weekly, this is the site to check out for clothing, accessories, jewelry, home decor and shoes. So "Reach back into time and rock the now." You'd better hurry, because these are only singles they sell out fast!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Designer Affordable Fashions

Excitement is building for the newest affordable clothing lines from world renowned designers available at local retailers with most items under $100.

Alice Temperley GO: International Flights of Fashion for Target available September 16th:

This is what I am looking forward to:

Simply Vera by Vera Wang for Kohl's available September 9th

What I Want:

Simply Vera dress $128

(You can also see looks from Vera's line in the September issue of O Magazine.)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sheathed in fashion

Sheath dresses are a classic silhouette that have been updated with fresh details and are a great way to show off your figure. Look for bold colors, metallics, balloon sleeves or shawl collars to make your style statement. So show off your work out body and work the look with stilettos to make your legs look longer.

Yes Style $312 (available in red or dark purple)

Avenue classic sheath $29.99 (on sale!)

E dress me $225

Neiman Marcus David Meister $300

Yes Style $40 (blouse attached)

Star-rah showing off her new figure

Monday, August 20, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

Miss Takes

House of Dere-don't!
Beyonce promoting her House of Dereon line launch in Canada. This lycra tank dress look reminds me of going to see B Angie B and Oaktown 3.5.7. in concert back in the 80's. (And B Angie was rocking it better!)

Hitting the wrong Key:
Alicia Keys at the New York screening of the Nanny Diaries in a Cavalli dress and blue pumps. You can't really tell but she also has on dark hose. I really like the dress, I think she should have rocked some gold or nude shoes and NO PANTYHOSE! (What is she, 80?)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Memo: no leggings

There has been a crackdown on the dress code at work. So now no leggings, no Bermuda shorts and no spaghetti straps. (Although why it was acceptable to wear some of these things in the first place is a mystery to me.) So now these lovely fashionistas are scrambling to find items that are compatible with their tunics/dresses. Being a legging hater (it's like the poncho from a few years back) I have wanted a new pant length that is not a typical wide leg length to switch it up a bit. So I found these tapered crop pants that me and my co-workers can wear and still stay stylish!

Mira dress $69;Development print tunic $150 (on sale!)

Gap cotton linen pant $39.99 (on sale!)

Antonia Glitteri t-strap heels $225

Fendi silk crepe tunic dress $855 (on sale!)

Mossimo black TRS cropped pant $22.99

J. Crew satin mary janes $190

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sock it to'em!

Want to jazz up that those heels that you are thinking of getting rid of? Or just wanting to express your individuality? Try the minisock by French designer Delphine Murat. You can buy the minisock in many different colors with socks that tie around your ankle or around the calf.

These are 20 euro (or $27.22) and shipping to the US takes 3 weeks. I want to try a pair!

For more info go to Minisock de Delphine Murat



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