Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rock it or Knock it?

Celebrated shoe designer Christian Louboutin apparentley hit a creative brick wall, went fishing and then came up with this:

Louboutins available @ Bluefly $768 (!)

I mean, I love creativity as much as the next fashion fiend, but I think these are scary. The peep toe fish teeth look like they hurt!


Ms. Green said...

Hmm...they do look somewhat creepy. I say rock it...if you can find a way to pull it off!

Toya said...

Noooo Ma'am. By the time I get to my destination with them shoes, my toes may be bleeding! The fish teeth are indeed a HOT MESS! LOL...

Anonymous said...

Oof--they're awful! Apparently his new handbags are awful, too--maybe there's a new designer in the house of Louboutin???

SimKai said...

These are the UGLIEST shoes I have seen in a while.



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