Friday, August 17, 2007

Miss Takes

House of Dere-don't!
Beyonce promoting her House of Dereon line launch in Canada. This lycra tank dress look reminds me of going to see B Angie B and Oaktown 3.5.7. in concert back in the 80's. (And B Angie was rocking it better!)

Hitting the wrong Key:
Alicia Keys at the New York screening of the Nanny Diaries in a Cavalli dress and blue pumps. You can't really tell but she also has on dark hose. I really like the dress, I think she should have rocked some gold or nude shoes and NO PANTYHOSE! (What is she, 80?)


Mimi said...

it's funny to see celebs not use their much needed stylist

Anonymous said...

Well, at least they're fishnets, but she looks awful. That dress, by the way, is in the new Essence, though I can't imagine anyone wanting it after seeing Alicia in it.

Gabrielle said...

Awwwww... leave my B alone. The dress is not bad. It looks like a Baby Phat creation. AKeys on the other hand is not looking so Pearl. **shaking my head**

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you commented on her dress. Her dress is horrible. I wouldn't pay more than $2 for that crap. She has no style what so ever.



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