Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Red-dy or Not

I started my part time job yesterday and it was relatively uneventful, just reading the manual and getting acclimated to the environment. I think the real test will be on Saturday when it's busy and I'll have to put my Friendly Face on and work for quite a few hours.

I probably should have worn something more glam for my first day but I have to dress for both running around with the kids at school and the second job, I don't go home in between.
This is my second week with the kinder class and they are soooo precious, I will miss them when they get a regular teacher. I'd love to stay there permanently but the position is bi-lingual and I habla paquito espanol. I think I'm doing pretty well, we practice things in both English and Spanish and I found an online translator that allows you to type in what you want to say in English and it translates it to Spanish. Plus the teachers are SO helpful, I love this school!

I'm kicking myself now for not taking Spanish in high school and college, I took French because it seemed more romantic and I heard it was harder than Spanish and I wanted the challenge. (I was a suck up, I'll admit it.)

By the way, I LOVE this belt, I need to find an outfit that is truly befitting this belt, it was $3.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Style Inspiration: Talbot's (YES, Talbot's!)

I got a Talbot's catalog in the mail and I was sad. WHY did they send me a catalog? I'm not over 60 and I think I'm a little more evolved than sweater sets and khakis. But then I saw this:

This is a page from the Talbot's catalogue featuring celebrity stylist Mary Alice Stephenson and Michael Smaldone. They selected 12 "real women" to pair Talbot's denim pieces with an archive of vintage and red carpet selections and Mary Alice participated as well. I love everything about this look, It makes me swoon. The ruggedness of the denim dresses down the long sequined skirt a bit, I adore it! I have a similar shirt so now I only need to find a sequined fishtail skirt to go with....should be easy, right? Where will I wear it, you ask? I don't know, I'll think of somewhere!

Friday, August 27, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Spotted and Dotted

*This should have been Friday's post but I got busy so here ya go.....
I almost didn't post pics today, I thought this skirt wasn't particularly flattering after looking at the pics, I should have worn my spanx but I am anti- spanx right now. *I will don them for church but it's 89542461503129182123448.6 degrees outside and I didn't feel like I needed them for this skirt until now.

 I have been working out by doing cardio for the past two weeks hoping to lose 10 pounds total but not even 1 pound will budge! I gave up bread for two weeks and lost 4 pounds without working out but I am trying to do the right thing and add exercise to my repertoire to maximize my results.

I am the type of person who needs to see immediate results or I throw my hands up in frustration but I will keep at it. Any insight you readers may have is appreciated, do I need to add weights, do yoga, what? I have been a sporadic worker-outer in the past but I know that I need to add it into my lifestyle for good. I used to jump rope, attended kickboxing classes, did rollerblading and aerobics so I need something that will keep my attention and preferably I can do at home.
P.S. I got the part time job, I start Monday in addition to teaching so I need to get a good night's sleep.....

P.S.S. The cricket is dead.....I had to use a whole can of Raid and no thanks to my leasing office, they didn't take it seriously and didn't send someone out until two days later so I had to open the vent and remove the air filter and spray directly into the vent. It smelled like bug spray for a while but I got that sucker! *I thought I was being punked, it was a sight to see.*

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Just Do It!

I hear people engaging in "Stinking Thinking" a lot, sometimes I am also the culprit! They say "I'm too old to learn anything new," or "I'm broke." (I never, EVER use those words because being broke implies that you need to be fixed and I may not have the money available to do what I want to do at that time but I'm not "broke.") But If your situation needs to be fixed, then by all means fix it.

I think we've all been guilty of stinking thinking and may not even realize how often we use it. "Oh I could never wear my hair natural" or "I could never wear that skirt but I like it on you." Well you know what? You can't. You have already defeated yourself by claiming that you aren't going to be able to do something different. 

 Now I am not saying that everything is meant for everybody but what is the harm in trying something new? If you want to add color to your wardrobe, what's stopping you? One of the easiest things to try is color and accessories. Do it!

The only person stopping you is you. We all tend to do things that don't take us out of our comfort zone but if you try on a dress that you wouldn't normally wear, that at least shows your willingness to open yourself up to new things. There will always be a reason why you shouldn't try something, my question is why not?

We get bogged down by the what ifs. "What if people talk about my outfit? What if I try it and I fail?" If there is one thing I've learned on my journey this summer is that I'm not losing anything by trying something new. I may have lost some pride but I think I could use a little less of that anyway.....

I know, easier said than done. I have had many moments when I have talked myself out of something because I didn't think that it would work out. And then I was amazed when I finally bit the bullet and tried it and how simple it ended up being. It's all in your mind....

So start with something small to try, and FOLLOW THROUGH.

I may have to try this version of "Something New":

Monday, August 23, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: School Is Now In Session

Well dudes and dudettes it's back to school time and I had my first day back of substitute teaching. I was placed in the kindergarten classroom and I don't think I've ever had to wipe so many noses or tie so many shoes as I did today. And that was only half a day! 

We had a "runner" it was his first day of school ever and he did NOT want to stay with this strange lady while his parents left him possibly for good, in his mind. But after two prison break attempts we got him settled down and wiped his tears and he was a happy camper at the end of the day.

What I couldn't understand was my other kinder student who I recognized from Pre-K last year who cried off and on the WHOLE TIME he was there today. He said he missed his mom. One minute he's cutting out a gingerbread man, the next he's tearing up. I'm thinking they must be having big fun at his house for him to cry the whole day at the drop of a hat. Hell, I wanted to see what's going on at his house for that kind of reaction! Even when it was time to go and we took the kids to the auditorium for parent pickup, he started crying again (I'm guessing in anticipation of seeing his mom.) That is some mom.

I was told that the teachers were going to wear navy shirts and khakis today and this outfit is my interpretation since I don't have a plain navy shirt.

It was a good day, I am happy to feel like a contributing member of society again by working full-time. I should know about the part time job by this week and I'm busy planning some jewelry parties for the month of September.

Here's to progress, now I can start doing the essentials again. Like getting my eyebrows done. Renewing my magazine subscriptions. And buying new shoes. And that is essential people.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't Step On My Blue Suede Shoes

 I copped this angora sweater for 99 cents and immediately thought of pairing it with my blue suede Anne Klein pumps.

Love these color combos, I like the pop of blue against the yellow.

Here are some more blues that I think will do the job:

Steve Madden Tatumm @Endless $94.95

Irregular Choice $134.80 @ASOS

Steve Madden "Vanissa" $99.95 @Zappo's

Paris Hilton "Bianca" @Macy's

Marni $175 @Yoox

Chinese Laundry "Haughty" $88.95 @Zappos

 Jessica Simspson "Evoni" $89.95 @Nordstrom

...and What I Wore:

White shorts: Thrifted Shoes: Steve Madden Wedges

Sending good thoughts your way, have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: The Friendly Skies

I had an interview today for a part time job and this is what I wore. 

I felt like a flight attendant but I tend to err on the side of conservative when interviewing. "Would you like some peanuts or a drink? That will be $78569321456987741357899.38."

There is a cricket in the vent of my bathroom. A cricket in the bathroom you say? Ok...SO WHAT? Well this cricket has taken unspeakable delight in chirping *or cricketing, or whatever the noise is that crickets make* in the wee hours of the night for the past three days. And because it is in the vent the sound echoes.

I sprayed Raid into the vent and it's quiet for approximately 4 hours then it begins again. I'm serious. Every four hours. When I woke up this morning I had more bags than Paris Hilton.

 I called maintenance yesterday morning and left a message but no one came out. I guess crickets in the vent isn't high on their list of things to do but I had intentions on getting a good night's sleep last night. 


Here's to hoping the cricket escapade gets rectified today and please don't forget to put your trays in the upright position.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: They Call Me Mellow Yellow

I love yellow (and green), both are so bright and cheery. This yellow and white shirt makes me happy. I felt very Laverne & Shirley with it tied in the front and who doesn't love Laverne & Shirley? I wanted a milkshake and to go to a sockhop.

I kept trying this skirt on and never wore it because I couldn't figure out why it wasn't fitting right. It was because I was buttoning it up the front but the buttons go up the side. *Special, I know. I didn't even look to see where the tag was until today.*

I'm assuming I didn't get the teaching job I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago since school starts on Monday and I never heard anything back. I sent the obligatory thank you letter and didn't get an "unfortunately we went with another candidate"  response but I was glad to get that first teaching interview out of the way. It just means that it wasn't a good fit, kinda like a pair of ill fitting pants and who wants that?

But I will be subbing again when school begins next week and I'll still be looking for a teaching position in the meantime. Here's to finding a good fit!

Friday, August 13, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Sunburst

I know that I keep talking about how hot it is in Dallas and I try and take my photos in the morning when it's coolest and for no longer than ten minutes but I am still a sweaty mess by the time I'm done. It's ridunkulous I tell you! Every time I have to venture outside I want to take a shower immediately when I get home. 

I cannot for the life of me remember where I got these earrings but I pop them on with just about everything. I wish I could remember, I would have bought two pair!

Got this dress from Zara, I think it was two seasons ago and it's still heavy in the rotation.

These wedges make me look super tall, I'm 5'8" without them and they are so comfy.

I know this is not the best pic but I wanted to show how I pin my twists up in back. I part my hair using my fingers except in the front where I use a comb for a neater look.

Wishlist (In no particular order)

1. To go to H&M. Never been. I know. So sad. Don't cry for me Argentina, I'm going. One day. "Nothing but death can keep me from it!"

2. To be photographed by The Sartorialist. It could happen. I imagine me walking the streets of NYC and having THE Scott Schuman ask to take my pic. "Ummmm.....ok." I acquiesce and pretend that I don't care one bit but I'm secretly jumping for joy on the inside. HEY! It could happen......

3. To be sponsored by a fabulous shoe company who loves my blog and wants to outfit me in their endless supply of shoes. Hear that, Endless, Steve Madden, Heels.com? Just please don't make me wear clogs. Thank you.

P.S. And a teaching position. Yes, let's not forget that.

Carry on! Have a wondrous weekend!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Stripes and Dots

These striped seersucker shorts have been lounging in my shorts drawer all summer and I had forgotten all about them! I bought them out of season and didn't have them on my radar until today. They are comfy and aren't too short which is my #1 reason for purchasing. (Some of you already know how I feel about shorter shorts!)

I had to drop off some paperwork at a couple of offices and didn't want to look too casual so I paired the shorts with my fave yellow polka jacket and a men's v-neck tee. I figured I would just grab the jacket when it was time for me to go into the office buildings, it was 84 degrees outside at 9 am so I couldn't reasonably wear it around all day unless I was going to be inside.

I really enjoy these two pieces together, I also have some wide leg seersucker pants that I can pair with this jacket for the same look. There was a time when I never would have thought to put the two together but I am motivated to think outside the box in the last four or five years.

I believe a huge part of my change in thinking was deciding to go natural, you can't be a conformist with this hair! In the simplest outfit my coif sets me apart from the crowd, I can be surrounded by a sea of natural haired women yet each person's hair is distinctive and inimitable.

The older I get, the more comfortable I am in my own skin. I've said that growing up I just wanted to be like everyone else and now as an adult, I value my unique-ness. Weird, eh?



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