Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Red-dy or Not

I started my part time job yesterday and it was relatively uneventful, just reading the manual and getting acclimated to the environment. I think the real test will be on Saturday when it's busy and I'll have to put my Friendly Face on and work for quite a few hours.

I probably should have worn something more glam for my first day but I have to dress for both running around with the kids at school and the second job, I don't go home in between.
This is my second week with the kinder class and they are soooo precious, I will miss them when they get a regular teacher. I'd love to stay there permanently but the position is bi-lingual and I habla paquito espanol. I think I'm doing pretty well, we practice things in both English and Spanish and I found an online translator that allows you to type in what you want to say in English and it translates it to Spanish. Plus the teachers are SO helpful, I love this school!

I'm kicking myself now for not taking Spanish in high school and college, I took French because it seemed more romantic and I heard it was harder than Spanish and I wanted the challenge. (I was a suck up, I'll admit it.)

By the way, I LOVE this belt, I need to find an outfit that is truly befitting this belt, it was $3.


Melissa said...

That dress is gorgeous, especially on you! And yes, the belt is pretty fantastic. I think this is perfectly glam for your first day! You look fabulous.

Hope the busy Saturday goes smoothly!

The Style Glossary said...

Luv, luv, luv this dress! The color is great on you and looks fabulous for the first day of school :)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

You look awesome! I'm loving the shirtdress...kinda wondering why it isn't in my trifting challenge box. (side eye)

Love that necklace. I think this is the perfect amount of glam and business for both jobs!

I am so glad you are getting groove back!

Dhalia said...

Love the look...girl you are on the grind with your jobs. Get it while you can!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress, but the necklace is awesome! I commented on GFS about her necklace that she got from you, LUV IT!!!! When can I get my consultation? :) You ladies are my inspiration! Congrats on the part-time job! God has a way of working things out. Even though you aren't bilingual in Spanish- it may still work out for you!

Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

Fabulous red dress, but that hair is haute!

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