Monday, August 23, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: School Is Now In Session

Well dudes and dudettes it's back to school time and I had my first day back of substitute teaching. I was placed in the kindergarten classroom and I don't think I've ever had to wipe so many noses or tie so many shoes as I did today. And that was only half a day! 

We had a "runner" it was his first day of school ever and he did NOT want to stay with this strange lady while his parents left him possibly for good, in his mind. But after two prison break attempts we got him settled down and wiped his tears and he was a happy camper at the end of the day.

What I couldn't understand was my other kinder student who I recognized from Pre-K last year who cried off and on the WHOLE TIME he was there today. He said he missed his mom. One minute he's cutting out a gingerbread man, the next he's tearing up. I'm thinking they must be having big fun at his house for him to cry the whole day at the drop of a hat. Hell, I wanted to see what's going on at his house for that kind of reaction! Even when it was time to go and we took the kids to the auditorium for parent pickup, he started crying again (I'm guessing in anticipation of seeing his mom.) That is some mom.

I was told that the teachers were going to wear navy shirts and khakis today and this outfit is my interpretation since I don't have a plain navy shirt.

It was a good day, I am happy to feel like a contributing member of society again by working full-time. I should know about the part time job by this week and I'm busy planning some jewelry parties for the month of September.

Here's to progress, now I can start doing the essentials again. Like getting my eyebrows done. Renewing my magazine subscriptions. And buying new shoes. And that is essential people.


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

You look like the coolest teacher ever! I love the mixing of plaids!

BleuSavoy said...

i'm really digging this outfit!

Jessica said...

I love the mix of prints! Hope your second day of school is better!

Melissa said...

Your pattern mixing in this outfit is great! They work perfectly together.

LaMrssweetness said...

I love the outfit and the hair is the bomb.... is it just a bun on top? Your hair has really grown.

Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

I totally agree with GFS, this mix of plaids is fabulous.

Minister of Style said...

I love this look, unique and polished. My teachers should have looked this cool.

Manecoarse said...

Oh, two thumbs up and a snap. This looks so good together.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! I love this look! You and GFS are really, really making me want to go out and find me some new threads for work! But..... I am waiting on that pay check! I so feel you with the "essentials!" I am a teacher and getting paid once a month really forces you to learn the true meaning of essentials!

When you find out what that mama has going on up in that house, let me know, lol! Little kids are too funny!

sun-kissed said...

I know I am late, but this is fabulousness right here!

Anonymous said...

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