Wednesday, August 04, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Mad for Plaid

I enjoy this cotton shirtdress, I like the black and white plaid and the fact that it needs little to no ironing.

I think that this outfit leaves something to be desired and needs something more than the green obi belt to give it some oomph. Maybe the petticoat that I've been harping about getting forever? But I am all about comfort these days and this dress is uber-comfortable. It just needs.....I dunno, something. Any suggestions please leave in the comments, I'm open to ideas! But with one caveat, please do not ask me to layer anything over this look for summer, it's a million and one degrees here in Texas!

*Footnote: After looking at this again I'm thinking maybe have the sleeves removed and making it a sleeveless dress! Then I can add a sweater or cardigan when the weather gets cooler. Lemme know what you think!


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

You really are starting to piss me off with all these "thrifted" dresses! You better come correct on our challenge!!!!

I think you look fab! This shirt dress makes me all kinds of happy!

I think if you were carrying that yellow clutch from the previous post, that might give you the umph you need?

Roll the sleeves up more and pop the color like Jermaine Jackson maybe? Well, don't pop the collar exactly him...that's going overboard!

Assy said...

I like your blog and style: simple and stylish.
I have a sleeveless plaid dress similar to yours but mine is a wrap dress (beige and brown). I adore it but do not wear it often because I think the colors are made for Fall. Anyway, you need more color to it. Pair the dress with accessories in red, yellow even pink. Think belt, bag, shoes but also brooch or corsage. I bet you can even make your own corsage.
Anyway, try unbuttoning the dress a bit. With the heat, I guess we can show a little neck and cleavage.
Enjoy it

Mellodee said...

LOVE this dress! I have always like shirtwaists and I love the plaid.

I wouldn't remove the sleeves. That changes the look entirely. Sleeveless it is strictly a summer dress. With sleeves you can take it into fall (and even winter) easily. Coordinating accessories are what you need!

There's two cents from a complete stranger! Yep, that really ought to help! HA!


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