Monday, January 11, 2010

What I Want NOW!

Girliness abounds in my recent wish list:

Recently I bought a cute square cake pan from Marshalls and after I saw this apron, I imagined myself baking my cute little square cake while wearing this. Is it not adorable?

Spring Mix apron $28 @ Anthropologie

I bought some tulle from Walmart to add to a fifties style vintage dress that I found but this adorable slip from Shabby Apple will do the job and I can pair it with different dresses for added girlishness.

Shabby Apple tulle slip $32

Very lady who lunches, I would toughen up this necklace by wearing ripped denim boyfriend jeans and heels.

J. Crew Carrington crystal bow necklace $295

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Site of the Week: My Asho

I find unspeakable delight in browsing My Asho's site of designers of African descent. I am drawn to the use of color and details that the designers use which blend modern lines with African influences.

Mubiola dress $517.92

Striped tunic with corsage $51.79 (Love this!)

Pocket skirt $55.78 (on sale!)

Panya dress $82.85

Jua skirt $40.16

Bailey jacket $262.94

Maridadi Dress $68.51

Scarlet cocktail dress $199.20

Uhura blouse $142.43

Spring will be here before you know it, so there is no time like the present to begin adding to your wardrobe!

It's Not Just for Lumberjacks Anymore...

My mom got me flannel pajamas for Christmas. Now before you shriek and cover your eyes, I have a confession: I love them. I find them comfy and cozy and oh so cute (red pj's covered in snowmen and snowflakes.) I don't know why I have never had any before! I have been eyeing my nephew's flannel footie pjs for two years secretly wishing I had something similar to keep me warm. So now I do and I want more!

Couture Candy Rise and Shine flannel set $94.40 (on sale!)

Figleaves polka dot flannel set $66.22 (on sale!)

Juicy Couture Charm Print pajama set $68.60 (on sale!) at Bloomingdales

P.J. Salvage Popcorn Night set $34.99 (on sale!)

Gap plaid set $34.99 (on sale!)

Victoria Secret The Sleepover stripe pajamas $29.99 (on sale!)

They also have options at but I did not want to put their cheesy photos up, so you can check them out here.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT wear your pajamas outside of your home or you will be severely punished. Yes people will notice and no, that is not cute. You have been warned.....

Monday, January 04, 2010


Yes, I have been absent without leave for many months, major life changes have abounded but I missed you guys and hope that you missed me too. I hope to begin 2010 with a new look both blog and physical (contemplating hair color hues and a wardrobe revamp.) But I wanted to treat you to some things that I enjoy:


DO NOT start drinking this stuff, I swear there's crack in it!

2. Home Decor blogs and books

I've moved recently and I am creating a unique home environment that reflects me and my style in the same way that I do with my wardrobe but with one caveat; on a budget. This challenges me to be creative with DIY projects and scour garage sales and thrift stores for diamonds in the rough. Style ideas: a couple of pairs of shoes on display as art (maybe my sequined thrift store find and black Louboutins,) hang my garage sale door (since painted a glossy red and previously used as a headboard) over my couch (already done) and paint my distressed wooden accent chair a cheery kelly green.


Decorating Websites:
I Suwannee
Coco + Kelly
Apartment Therapy

3. Create and personalize your own book from Blurb

4. Anthropologie

5. The ultimate in whimsical personalization: iomoi

Stylishly yours,




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