Monday, January 04, 2010


Yes, I have been absent without leave for many months, major life changes have abounded but I missed you guys and hope that you missed me too. I hope to begin 2010 with a new look both blog and physical (contemplating hair color hues and a wardrobe revamp.) But I wanted to treat you to some things that I enjoy:


DO NOT start drinking this stuff, I swear there's crack in it!

2. Home Decor blogs and books

I've moved recently and I am creating a unique home environment that reflects me and my style in the same way that I do with my wardrobe but with one caveat; on a budget. This challenges me to be creative with DIY projects and scour garage sales and thrift stores for diamonds in the rough. Style ideas: a couple of pairs of shoes on display as art (maybe my sequined thrift store find and black Louboutins,) hang my garage sale door (since painted a glossy red and previously used as a headboard) over my couch (already done) and paint my distressed wooden accent chair a cheery kelly green.


Decorating Websites:
I Suwannee
Coco + Kelly
Apartment Therapy

3. Create and personalize your own book from Blurb

4. Anthropologie

5. The ultimate in whimsical personalization: iomoi

Stylishly yours,



God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Glad to have you back!

Anansi said...

I was soooo worried that something scary had happened to you. I checked your blog almost every day! Glad to see you're back - please never do that again! A regular reader from Jamaica

Sun-Kissed said...

So happy you're back! I too checked your blog daily for your inspiration for the changes going on in your life!

Anonymous said...

That Simply Lemonade is the TRUTH! Hubby can drink ALL of it in less than a day, le sigh! I want to try to raspberry one so bad, but I am allergic to the red dye:( Yes, you have been missed by all of us:) Welcome back. I need some motivation on these gloomy winter days!

Anonymous said...

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