Thursday, January 07, 2010

It's Not Just for Lumberjacks Anymore...

My mom got me flannel pajamas for Christmas. Now before you shriek and cover your eyes, I have a confession: I love them. I find them comfy and cozy and oh so cute (red pj's covered in snowmen and snowflakes.) I don't know why I have never had any before! I have been eyeing my nephew's flannel footie pjs for two years secretly wishing I had something similar to keep me warm. So now I do and I want more!

Couture Candy Rise and Shine flannel set $94.40 (on sale!)

Figleaves polka dot flannel set $66.22 (on sale!)

Juicy Couture Charm Print pajama set $68.60 (on sale!) at Bloomingdales

P.J. Salvage Popcorn Night set $34.99 (on sale!)

Gap plaid set $34.99 (on sale!)

Victoria Secret The Sleepover stripe pajamas $29.99 (on sale!)

They also have options at but I did not want to put their cheesy photos up, so you can check them out here.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT wear your pajamas outside of your home or you will be severely punished. Yes people will notice and no, that is not cute. You have been warned.....


Anonymous said...

Sadly I must admit I've seen quite a few women wearing them in the grocery store which made me do a double take! I think that is just lazy and trifling! How long can it take to throw on a pair of jeans or atleast a cute, fitted, sweatsuit:) LOL! Double warning, lmbo!

Happy New Year!

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