Friday, November 24, 2006

Richie Says "No" to Zoe

I have just learned that Nicole Richie has fired her longtime stylist Rachel Zoe in order to surround herself with more "positive influences." I read about Rachel Zoe ages ago but the information I read wasn't flattering so I didn't profile her. It has been rumored that she encourages her celebrity clients (who include Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton) to look like her, which is unbearably underweight. Billed as the "architect of size 0 mania" many wonder why most of Zoe's clients have had such widespread speculation about their weight (or lack thereof).

Rachel Zoe and Nicole

After seeing Richie so alarmingly thin, here's hoping that she benefits from "cleaning out her closet" and getting rid of Zoe. Here she is at the American Music Awards after hiring celeb stylist Cristina Ehrlich:

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Anonymous said...

lindsay also fired her



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