Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The New York Times: Pose For The Camera Now, Click Click

The story of how my trip came to be: It was about a month and a half ago and I was on and they were asking for submissions for your must-have accessory. I submitted my photo (this one) and named my bracelets (of course) as my must have accessory which is such the truth. I think people were supposed to vote on submissions but I didn't think anything else about it until I was contacted by People about a month later letting me know that I was a finalist in the contest. Oh em geeeeeeeeeeee, what?!? I didn't even know what the prize was until they contacted me. I had to submit notarized information that I was who I said I was (Catfish, anyone?) and they completed a background check and then I was notified that I was one of four winners of the People magazine Bic For Her contest! I remember seeing the email on the last day of summer school and I could barely contain my excitement! I couldn't believe it and called my mom immediately. She was so excited even though I told her that I wasn't going to tell many people yet. She thought that I was crazy but I guess because it didn't feel real to me so I just wanted to let it marinate for a bit. 

The winners of the contest (us four in the middle), the marketing team, People Inc. 
and Bic For Her staff

The morning of my photoshoot, I had a case of the jitters. 
I think mainly because I wasn't sure what to expect.
(Wardrobe consult with Allison and Amanda. Net looking thing is so that makeup won't get on the clothes.)

Our car came at 8:45 and we were transported to Time, Inc. studios where they also shoot shots for InStyle and People and it reminded me of when I worked in production at Neiman Marcus. (Not sure if I ever shared that tidbit with y'all but yeah it happened.) I met with the wardrobe stylist and her assistant and tried on several different outfits. I had sent my sizes beforehand but most of the items were too big and I had to fight the urge to try and style myself and just went with the flow. 

(Alex was a pro at my makeup, she used Estee Lauder tinted moisturizer instead of foundation and it felt sooooooo great on my face! I'm afraid to look it up because I fear that it will cost 487545365467534954958340530453 dollars.)

After my wardrobe consultation, I went to hair and makeup and then got dressed in a Joe Fresh peplum top, H&M belt, Vince Camuto skirt and Michael Kors cage sandals. Me and the other three other winners all had pops of pink incorporated into our looks. 

(I loved the energy from the hairstylist, she was so calm and peaceful, I'd love to be with her in case of emergency.)

I was the first person to be shot and I was glad that I was first because it took a looooonnnnnggggg time for everyone to be shot. Now if you read my blog you know that I am a little on the animated side (I'm side-eyeing myself for saying "a little") so I was telling myself to tone it down but they wanted me to be animated. The photographer (who I absolutely loved, like I want to be her friend in real life) made me feel so comfortable and asked me for my music preferences so that I could dance a little so I requested Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. Now I know what y'all are thinking, "Why didn't she request Jay-Z???" I thought about it but Blurred Lines is a good dance song and I thought that if they played Jay-Z  I would be rapping in all of the photos and it might turn into a full fledged concert up in that piece. They ended up playing Jay-Z anyway but I was in the zone at that time so I only rapped a little bit.

After each shot, they would preview the photo on the screen and the powers that be would discuss and sometimes they would make adjustments to our hair or poses. I asked them during the photoshop process not to alter my booty, I want my future husband to be able to see all my junk in the trunk. They laughingly agreed but I was serious! I felt very at home during the process, I felt that I was being myself, my animated-shake my booty-laughing from deep in my belly, mouth open self. And the photographer whispered to me afterward that everyone loved it. Didn't I tell you that I loved her???
 (Me posing it up, Top Left: With Jesse my super-friendly contact at People; 
Bottom Right: With Kate, the photographer, I enjoyed her so!)

After my individual shoot, I changed back into my robe and waited for the other girls to be shot and then we finished the day with group shots of the four of us. The other girls were all so yyyyyyyooooouuuunnnggg but they were the sweetest things and we laughed a lot. We all couldn't believe our good fortune and we learned that our issue of People will be published on September 20th. 

 (Me and the other winners, After the shoot we celebrated with champagne and cupcakes; I enjoyed the cupcake as you can see!)

I can't wait to see the final result!

After the shoot we were gifted with the clothes that we wore from the shoot and also our $500 American Express gift cards that were part of our prize. I was on cloud nine but tired, oh so tired! My pinky toe on my right foot was very mad at me by the end of the day. We were there from 9 until 5 and this really was hard work so shout out to all of the real models out there!

  I love this photo so much! You see how everyone else is smiling and being all normal and stuff? Now look at me. 

Yep, yep.


Sing of Singature Style said...

What a wonderful prize and experience. Looks like you soaked it all up and didn't take a moment for granted. Can't wait to see you in print.

Ticka said...

Whoa Nelly!! I thought for sure that all of those "enter for your chance to win a fabulous prize" things were just to get your information and picture online. Ha! I never knew anyone who won, so I wrote them all off as a hoax. Now I "know" someone who won (you know I think I know you, right? lol). Woo-hoo! Congrats!!

I'm so glad that you were able to loosen up and be yourself during the shoot. You looked great!

Style Chic 360 said...

Wow, this sounds like a ton of fun! You look great! Can't wait to see the issue! Congratulations!

LOL at your pinky toe on your right foot being mad at you!

JuliN said...

Oh boy, that is huge! Congratulations! ! You look beautiful in the shots (not that you don't always).

& you can totally afford the Estee Lauder tinted moisturizer! Hold out for the promotions with "free gifts" though.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, what an honor! I will pick up this issue when it hits the stands. Angie R

melissa ward said...

How cool. Looks like fun .... Congrats

Kandi said...

Congratulations! Sounds like quite an experience! You look soo pretty!

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Ms. Tee said...

What an awesome experience! Can't wait to pick up that issue of People! :)

his_girl_friday said...

That's so exciting!

Key said...

Loved this post...I could read it 100 times! Congrats again!

LaLa said...

so cool and you are so deserving - the make up was perfection...I never realized how much you remind me of patrice rushen - and it's not just the braids either....rock on girl.

Gold On Runescape said...
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