Tuesday, July 09, 2013

It's Getting Hot In Here

  Hey people! Thanks for the congratulatory comments from my post about my New York trip and special shoutout to reader Simplybee for the suggestions, I will be taking you up on as many of those as I can!
I wanted to share a little tidbit with y'all....

  WHY did I think that I was having pre-menopausal hot flashes at church on Sunday??? Like, seriously, I was sweating so hard! It was hot outside so in the beginning I thought that I just hadn't cooled down from being outdoors but I was still sweating after about twenty minutes.
I imagined that people were going to be able to see the sweat stains on my dress so I tried not to move and used my program as a fan until the usher (I said "ursher" in my head) gave me a fan. I wanted to take a picture of the church fan because it was so old school but it shole came in handy.

I then thought about the expression "sweating like a hooker in church" and started singing (in my head) "God is trying to tell you something" from The Color Purple although recent activities would not suggest anything remotely hooker-ish in my life *le sigh* but I digress. So I am sweating up a storm and furtively wiping sweat from my arms and legs until one of the pastors said during the announcements that something was wrong with the church air conditioning! I really think that they should have led the service with that, put a banner outside before you entered into the building or something. Had me thinking that I was not in control of my body and feeling some kinda way!#TeamInMyFeelings

Sidenote: Did everybody watch Being Mary Jane on BET? Didn't I tell you that it was gooooood? I was tweeting about the show on premier night and received this gem of a tweet from Salim Akil, husband of creator and writer Mara Brock Akil:
You're welcome......

Sunglasses: Target
Men's shirt: Thrifted
White tube top: Random store in the mall
Camo shorts: Old Navy (men's department)
Belt: Thrifted (men's department)
Bag: Zara
Bracelets: InPink/Forever 21/Sam Moon
Converse: Marshalls

Consensus on my hair seems to be to keep the braids for my trip so I will. Now to figure out what to wear! 
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Imuwahen said...


YoyosFashions said...

Girl I just love you!! You are are so real & keep me laughing!! You Need to write a book!! I'm so serious!! I love Being Mary Jane!!!! Can't wait to see a new episode!!!! Btw your style is the truth!!!

Janae Holmes said...

I love your blog! Always makes me laugh. I was sweating in church a few weeks ago while ushering...It was terrible I mean sweat running down my leg while taking up collection. Girl, I ran out of there at the end of service just to feel the breeze...lol
Being Mary Jane was insanely good! I was tweeting during the show and even hubby got into it.
I'm really loving this look,I started a thrift shop list on my phone which includes a men's belt!

melissa ward said...

Loving those shorts

Inez Chic said...

LOL, for real! I know I can always get a great laugh over here!! Thanks!

You should really link this look up for #Thrift360 on Instagram.

You can find all the details on instagram.com/thrift360

Carsedra McKoy said...

Such a cute and casual look, I need to rock this look one day!!!

Carsedra of:

Simplybee said...

Girl when I'm at my church HouseoftheHolyandThouChristianPenacostalBaptistRivialChurch...I'm always sweating like a soldier marching up to Zion! Lol you are a mess you know your tail is way to young to be going through the change!Thanks for the shout-out cuz! Hollah:-D:-D



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