Monday, September 10, 2007

Style Verdict: Simply Simple

After I read that someone went to a Kohl's store in another state on August 28th and the Simply Vera collection from Vera Wang was already in stores, I dragged a friend of mine with me to check it out a day early. And there it was, crammed into a section smaller than my coat closet, the selection of dresses, tops and skirts that I had been waiting for. I watched my friend's eyes get bigger as my pile of "try ons" got larger and larger. I shuffled on to the dressing room along with two other shoppers with the same Vera Wang itch. Navy pleated top: too big. "I need a smaller size!" I yelled to my comrade. "No smaller size" she replied after checking. Navy and grey gauze type dress with elasticized belt: again, too big. Black dress: same scenario. I didn't eat breakfast that morning but I know I hadn't lost that much weight from skipping a meal. Black skirt with side pockets: cute but too big. Smaller size: I looked like the weight loss commercial when the person stretches out the pants to show how much weight they've lost. Another smaller size: finally fits great in the waist. But my main reason for checking out the collection was the black textured coat that I posted a picture of previously. But the black seemed too boring. So I tried on the camel color and and of course it was TOO BIG! Luckily they had a smaller size so I took pics to show what it looks like on a real person.

Long textured coat $128

Here are some other things that I tried on:

Colorblock dress $128; pleated pocket skirt $64

Pleated tee $44; Pinch pocket cardigan $44

As you can see these are NOT Target Go International prices which is a little daunting; it's Vera Wang but it's at Kohl's for gosh sakes. I talked to the other two ladies in the dressing room about the clothing line. One of the ladies walked dejectedly out of the fitting room empty handed. "I liked the coat but it didn't look good on me." The other woman seemed more upbeat, "I love this white top," she gushed "and the babydoll sweater." We talked about the coat and she said that she didn't like the fit on her either.

Overall, I wasn't too fazed by the collection, the elastic belts are unforgiving for the average person to wear and $34 and $48 for simple tees and polo sweaters just don't do it for me. Did you visit the store and if so, what did you think? Comments about the fit of the coat that I tried on?

Poplin wrap top $54; Jacquard bubble skirt $98

Black belted dress $68; Ruffle blouse $58 (This wasn't at the store that I shopped at)


Anonymous said...

The dress and the coat both look cute on you!

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way about the coat. I was sooo excited to try get it, and then when I tried it on it was more like "eh..." I didn't love the fit either. Everything did seem to run big and of course all of the smalls were picked over even at 8am Sunday when they were SUPPOSED to launch the line. I found out later they had it out Saturday, and a lot got picked over. I really want to love that colorblock dress, but I'm not sure about it.... What did you think about the puffed *dropped* sleeves? I think it looks kind of weard. Then again, the smallest size I could find was a small, and I think it's a little big on me.... that might be why the sleeves puff out more than they do on the model. Overall, I like the line---but it's not as great as I had hoped. Plus, even though it's Vera, the fabrics don't warrent the $$$ in my opinion. Once Kohls did the 30% off sale, the prices seemed more reasonable. I think they're just about 30-40% too high. By the way, you look great in the coat and the dress! :)



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