Thursday, June 14, 2007

Style Verdict: Not much Bite

Me and some girlfriends found our way to the local Steve & Barry's to check out Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line Bitten. Although we loved the prices, much of it was uninspiring and the jeans/pants were not flattering AT ALL! I am a big fan of mixing high and low end pieces together or adding accessories to make a look pop but there were few things to work with. I came away with some cute tees and a grey dress that I can throw on for a super casual look (think lazy Sunday), yet me and the girls all agreed that it wasn't much to write home about. The one thing that we all bought were striped racer back tanks in different colors so I guess we'll look like a street gang the next time we all get together.

While I enjoy the concept of Bitten, making trendy clothing affordable for everyone, I would have liked to see more flash from SJP and truth be told, Target and H&M do it better. Affordable, fashion forward and still have money left over for some M.A.C. lipglass!


Anonymous said...

Yep. Like I posted before...nothing special.

landlady said...

what do you think is the trend of the summer that everyone will be wearing...i want to know, so that I can clearly AVOID it.

Anonymous said...

Sharon said:

yellow...avoid it if you are pasty looking. It only looks good on black, brown or bronze skin. And if the yellow is mustard colored bright...avoid it no matter who you are except if you are Ronald McDonald and Big Bird!

i'm sick of flip flops at work. yuk!

stretch tanks...with fat bellies and muffin top hips! STOP IT!!

Head to toe gold or silver! Just small touches or one item is acceptable!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...wedgies and platform espadrilles!!! peep toe flats are not cute to me. they are wearing them here in chicago like they are the last style trend on earth!

Anonymous said...

i loved a lot of her stuff... i mean its not stuff that would last the years, but its cute for the summer or something... i guess i just like supporting the idea...




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