Monday, October 01, 2007

My new obsession

Pint of Blue Bell butter pecan ice cream? Check. Week's worth of my new favorite show? Check.

My new obsession besides Oprah, Law & Order (SVU, not the one with the know-it-all guy) and Grey's Anatomy is Tim Gunn's Guide to Style on Bravo. Think of this as a revamp of TLC's struggling What not to Wear that now reminds me of Gap. *yawn* (okay, I'm going to lay off of Gap, I am just trying to stir up trouble!) Giving each participant rules such as a contract, ten basic pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe and the importance of silhouettes, Tim and uber model Veronica Webb (love the hair!) are ruthless, witty and sensitive. (Which I can exhibit all in one hour also.) Gunn became known from the hit reality series Project Runway and has parlayed his fashion know-how to the fashion challenged. I am a fan of the show because I love to see the transformations of the clients as they morph into women who know what looks best on their body types and actually get excited about shopping and looking great. Bravo bravo!


Anonymous said...

love your blog. please share his secrets. what are the 10 must have items?

sweetkeesha said...

ITA, I love this show...I like how they are actually HELPING people understand without putting them down...The only downfall is that Veronica Webb's makeup looks well, bad! Maybe its just me...oh well, not that I could do a better job of

jnetteb said...

you are SO right about the makeup!

Anonymous said...

I agree her foundation or powder is too dark for her skin complexion!



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