Thursday, December 06, 2007


Oh B. You were doing so well with the purple and red color combo you wore on Jay's birthday (love it!) that I hate to bring this up. As a curvy girl myself, I believe in dressing for my body type and you have taken over as J-lo's curvaceous counterpart. But your love of all things mermaid is making you look like a fish out of water:

We know, we know you are the hottest chick in the game wearing Jay's chain, but for goodness sake we want you to able to walk down the red carpet, not shuffle and not to have pay someone to carry you up stairs. Check out Jennifer Hudson (who has made remarkable improvements), America Ferrera, and Scarlett Johannson for some much needed red carpet solutions. and fire your mother as your stylist. DO you hear me? Mom, you're fired.


junation said...

Great curves. Looks uncomfortable, but great curves.

Meg said...

You nailed her. She's one of those lovely women I would enjoy looking LIKE but wouldn't enjoy copying her clothes.

Jennifer Hudson, on the other hand, is just getting better and better and better.



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