Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Let's go Sale-ing!

I love garage sales; LOVE THEM! It's like searching for hidden treasure, you never know what you'll find.

I was out garage sale-ing (I know that this phrase is not a word, yet I use it frequently and hope that Webster will add it to the dictionary as a verb) a couple of weeks ago and lucked upon this lovely vintage coat. It was strewn about with some other things but I was immediately drawn to it. Normally I have trouble finding vintage coats that are long enough for my arms but this was an ideal fit.

Modelling the coat at the sale

Yay! I thought, careful not to let on how much I liked the coat, lest the owner jack up the price. I prepared myself to haggle. "How much?" I asked. "Umm," she paused. "Two dollars."

Two dollars, I thought, T-W-O dollars?!? The garage sale gods were toying with me, giving me this undamaged specimen for a mere two dollars. "Sold. Here ya go."

I tried on the coat again, basking in my good fortune. The seller exclaimed "That fits you perfectly! It was my great aunt's and it was made especially for her. Did you see the lining on the inside? I will be sure and tell her how great it looks on you."

Note the gorgeous inside lining

A trip to the dry cleaner and it'll be good as new. Remember, one man's trash is another fashionista's favorite find. Now I have to wait until next winter to wear it!


Anonymous said...
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carla said...

Congrats! What a find; it looks GREAT on you.



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