Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Site of the Week: Etsy

My new obsession, I'm serious peoples, I heart this site! The place to "Buy and sell all things handmade" has it all, from Art to Woodworking (so almost A to Z!) You can support artisans in their craft and find unique gifts for yourself and others and most of the prices are reasonable. The vendors do not mass produce items and you are able to request custom made items as well. The challenge is bulldozing through to find the things that you love, the number of results even if you use the Search feature can be daunting. I've loved all of the things that I've gotten and I have had great experiences with the sellers I've had contact with. AND they have a great vintage section as well!

Etsy: Unique, funky, eclectic - it's all of these things. It also gives me great inspiration for my own creativity and added pizzaz to my wardrobe!

P.S. Check out their HOME GOODS section as well!

Headband $8.99 Mixbaby

Earrings $40 Shop Found Objects

Ruffle ankle cuffs $20 naKiMuli

Earrings $50 Sundiata Design

Dress $250 Whitney Originals

Earrings $32 Color Rehab

Handbag $46 (On sale!) Pomoga

Dress $55 Belle Noelle

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