Tuesday, May 05, 2009

2009 Met Costume Institute Gala

Celebrities turned it on and out for the 2009 Met Costume Instutute Gala exhibition, The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion. The exhibition examines “the reciprocal relationship between high fashion and evolving ideals of beauty and focuses on iconic fashion models of the 20th century and their roles in projecting, and sometimes inspiring, the fashion of their respective eras.”

Celebs in attendance:

Rihanna; Tyra Banks

Renee Zellwegger and Victoria Beckham

Helena Christensen

Mary Kate Olsen; Kanye West and Amber Rose

Ashley Olsen; Madonna

Katy Perry; Kerry Washington

Kirsten Dunst; Justin Timber Lake and Jessica Biel

Heidi Klum; Anne Hathaway

Leighton Meester; Eva Mendes

These galas are normally high fashion yet this year the theme screamed high camp. WTH is going on here?


andrea said...

i like rihanna in a suit

Jim said...

What a Style Update!
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