Monday, June 22, 2009

Style Profile: Jada Pinkett Smith

Gone are the days of her pixie blonde cut in the 90's and baggy oversized look from A Different World, Jada Pinkett Smith has morphed into a sleek pint sized sophisticate. Standing five feet tall hasn't stopped this powerhouse from flexing her style muscle and towering over the competition. She is not afraid to combine eye catching colors that complement one another or shimmering metallics into her wardrobe, yet her hair and makeup stay simple and chic. She favors body conscious silhouettes with clean lines that make her appear taller and blends vintage frocks with the latest, up to the minute platform heel. You shortstacks, take note, Mrs. Smith always, always wears heels.

1 comment:

Ici Fashion said...

She looks sophisticated and polished.
Really loving her style now.



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