Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Back In Effect!

Ok, I have been a bad blogger, I promise to keep up, I have missed blogging all of the award shows but I will be on it, whether I feel like it or not. While I was gone....

1. God's Favorite Shoes just finished her "No Black" challenge, I don't think that I could even consider this for myself, I love black too much to give it up! Maybe in the summer, then I am all about bright bursts of color and white. But she's got me considering a week of no black shoes, I can do it! (....I think.....)

2. I *heart* Hair Accessories

I am loving hair accessories, particularly the ones at Nordstrom, they have me planning outfits around them:

Tasha "Heavy Metal" headband $32

I am going to get this one from Forever 21 today, it is perfect for me and my big hair:

I was going to make it a DIY project but it's only $5.80 so why bother?



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