Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Don't Like

*Singing* "That's the kinda ish that I don't like....."

Stuff I don't e'em like...
Sweater: Zara
Skirt: Demestiks NYC (I am in love with this skirt)
Clutch: DSW
Shoes: BCBG
That's the kinda ish that I don't like.....
 People that start text conversations but they really don't want anything.
*This is an actual text conversation*
"Good evening."
Me: Hey, how's it going?
"How is your evening?"
Me: Good, thank you.
*insert cricket sounds here*
What tha....??? Why would you text me then? To see if I would respond? Are you taking a survey on people's evenings? Get off my whole phone...#JesusBeAConversationStarter
That's the kinda ish that I don't like.....
People that ask why I am not married. And then have the nerve to give me the side eye like I am making a conscious effort not to be married.  
"Well, how you not married? What's wrong with you?"
"What's wrong with yo mama???" is what I want to ask but I'm a lady so I just think it.
But my real question is do people ask men the same question? For men it seems to be a choice and for women it is a curse to be unmarried.  Do people ask them if they are crazy (only for bacon) or if they can have kids (yes, but none of your business). And it's not just men, women ask that too (usually older, grandma type ladies so I can't disrespect them like I imagine in my mind.)
That's the kind of ish that I don't like:
 People that Facebook stalk. Now that Facebook shows you what your Facebook friends "Like" on Facebook, I find that if I like a photo or a status then some people will then take that time to send me a Facebook message. That's like looking out of your blinds to see if your neighbor is home so you can go over there and talk. Just because they are home doesn't mean that they want company! And now these mofos can see when you've seen the Facebook message too! Talmbout "I know you saw my message." Facebook needs to get out of my business and let me live....

These things are only semi-annoying to me but I have seen some people (ahem, bloggers) that go AWF on social media. It ain't that serious, people. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are not substitutes for real life interaction, if you don't know them, there's no real reason to give someone that much weight over you. Just like bloggers have their opinions, others do too; having a blog doesn't make you the Queen of Everything. Sometimes commenters will ask a question and people have been downright condescending and rude in their answers. Sometimes things simply get lost in translation, some people are not seriously coming for you, look at their intentions. 
You don't have to oooo kill'em, ma. #MyTwoCents #SoUnpretty #YouSeeThatTLCReferenceIThrewIn
That's the kind of ish that I don't like..... 


Rachel Lynne said...

So pretty! Love your skirt and the yellow clutch!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Nothing wrong with talking about a person's mama if they deserve it. And you'd look cute while doing it.

Ticka said...

What's wrong with yo mama?!?! Lawd whyyyy!!!?!?! LOL!! I all the way cracked up when I read that!

And I wish that I could walk up to everyone one by one and tell them that social media is not a replacement for real life interaction. What is wrong with people?! they have no clue what to say to someone in person, but will read you till the cows come home on Instagram!!

And if I'm around anyone who asks a woman that I know why she hasn't had a baby yet, I tell them (in the most polite way possible), "Please don't concern yourself with my ______(cousins, aunts, friends, sisters) uterus. Thank you." I am so serious!! And that usually does the trick.

I'm loving that skirt! The colors and the fit are all kinds of awesome! I need more flared skirts, but there's something about the way that a fitted skirt hugs me just right that keeps me going back ;)

Style & Poise said...

First, you look super cute per usual! Your looks are always so vibrant and uplifting :-) Second, I just love reading your're too funny!


Whitney James said...

Get off my whole phone tho, LOL!!! You are hilarious and you need to write a book! Too funny...anyway, I love your outfit. Very cute - great skirt!


Candice said...

You look gorgeous! Seriously, you need to be famous already, lol! You have such a gift!

Lynaya said...

I just want to know what you say when they ask why you ain't married. If I get that question one more time....girl.....

Fatinthecity said...

I'll tell you what drives me crazy.. when strangers tell me to smile! I really just want to say kiss my A$$.
Looking cute as usual my dear.

Tammie Smith said...

This look is amazing. Love your play on color Jaunette.

Simplybee said...

YES!!! that skirt is FIRE! Well dang is ya'll having a heatwave down in Texas? I had to wear my thermals it was so cold in the NY.

Huda Ahmed said...

lol, hilarious and I agree all of them. Beautiful skirt, love the whole look.

ps. you can actually via the privacy section limit what people see on your facebook. Un-check anyone being able to see your likes, comments, including privatizing your friends and limiting FB friend's access.

Nikkipooh said...

OMG people piss me off! Did I say that? Folk need to mind their own business, damn! You don' got me crunk up in here! Hehehe! You know I will go OFF in a hot minute!

Natalie Love said...

"And now these mofos can see when you've seen the Facebook message too! Talmbout "I know you saw my message." Facebook needs to get out of my business and let me live..."

I Laughed Out Loud literally on this one! Thought I was the only one with this problem!!

YoyosFashions said...

Pretty!! Love the skirt!!



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