Wednesday, April 09, 2014

That Time When....I Admitted Stuff

I'm still getting knocked down. But it's okay. This tee shirt helps. :-) 

Y'all know that we are friends. right? So you know I have to tell y'all about all this stuff that's on my mind....

Confession #1: I think that I watch waaaaaaayyyyy too much Investigation Discovery. I used to be all about The Good Wife and documentaries but ever since ID came into my life I don't e'em have enough time for everything. I don't want to end up on an episode of "Obsessed: Dark Desire Who The *&#%$ Did I Marry Nightmare Next Door Evil Twins" so I want to ask all people that I meet to politely show me a photo of their driver's license.  #Sorry #IWontBeSorry

Confession #2: The thought of small talk makes me want to hurl myself in front of a bus. No, seriously. Discussions that make me think really do it for me. Conversation really is a lost art and not one that most people do well. I am keen on exchanges that flow from one topic to another, not forced or planned, I think that you find out more about a person's thought processes that way. Small talk makes me want to pluck out my arm hairs one by one or listen to Kanye talk about Kim Kardashian, so you know that I am serious about my dislike of this.  Give me a scintillating conversation about code-switching, what advice to give young black males about how to handle racial profiling, or the interview that Zadie Smith did with Jay-Z and I am

Tee: Zara
Sweater: Target
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Zara

Confession #3: I lost focus. I am reading a book that discusses how we sometimes get so infatuated with someone that we ignore their faults and only focus on the physical attraction that we feel when we should really choose a mate based on character. Someone that we respect and that our friends and family would respect, not just because they foine. (Yes, I said foine.) I must admit that I probably haven't completely thought about that with my last few dating experiences because based on the person's character they should not have been the chosen ones. I think that I relied on the 'connection' more than anything else but that does not necessarily mean that you should be with that person. It also talks about how we use the "I'mma just wait on God" approach when we should be proactive and intentional in our journey. Just like when you apply for other jobs and opportunities you have to put yourself in situations where you can be found. I can dig that.

And just when you think that I am a serious deep-minded thinker, I gotta show you that I am really  petty and share this video:

He said pretzel stick as a letter? Tree branch! To the right! Other people's foolishness is my gain....


Honey Johnson said...

Confession I am also an ID addict!!! LOL I love the Zara tee!

Dangerously Dark said...

Laaaawwwddd haaammmercy on Mr. Jammie!!! Let's just all agree he's special! I hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Juanette, so happy to see you back. I also help you feel better. Don't forget to "get yo life so hard." I learned that from you, ha ha!

Tammie Smith said...

This outfit is Dope!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit and what's the name of the book your reading?

Kandi said...

You look great, as usual! How in the world did I miss this video?!? O_o

utamaduniwear said...

Effortless ure blog. About small talk... i dont do that either. Its either a deep meaning conversation or and I think thats a great thing just means I have less tolerance for b/s

hoxn Ln said...

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