Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Willow Smith: Fashionista in Training

I know that some will tsk, tsk Willow Smith's attire for being "too grown up" but I think that she looks adorable, still kid friendly but daring and funky. Willow, 9 is attending her brother Jaden's premier of "The Karate Kid" with her parents Will and Jada and oldest brother Trey. I think that she looks appropriate for the event but a mini-me version of her mother "back in the day." But what do you think, is this look too adult for the youngest Smith kid?


Karie* said...

Wow, she's nine. Her attire does look more like a teenager to me. However, its up to her parent to determine if her attire is appropriate. You're right, people may say she's too young, but what will they say if she grows up to be a leading Couture Fashion Designer?

Ms.Choice said...

I am happy they let her bring out her creative side. Do it Willow

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Ummm...I guess it's fine for her age...As long as she isn't wearing bra tops and mini skrits and thigh highs...I'm good.

I see she is eclectic. I dig that she has her own style though.

Des said...

I love her style!! Reminds me of Trinity at that age. I'm not to fun of the leopard print it has to grow on me. But I really love the style and how she setting a trend of her ownthat sets her apart from all the other kids in Hollywood. So I wouldn't be surprised if she models and/or dip into the fashion world.

Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

Fun outfit, I'm just not sure about that haircut

Anonymous said...

I love that they're allowing her to do what she wants to do in terms of fashion. I was surprised to find out she was nine, this girl is going to go places. She's talented and got an eye for fashion. Plus, she's, not showing off any inappropriate body parts, so I say work it.


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