Friday, June 25, 2010

Another Meet and Greet and a Do-It-Yourself Idea!

Me and my partner in crime, Reiko of GFS met up again last night and this time managed to snag a bonafide authoress to hang out with us! (Does anyone else remember Maya from 'Girlfriends' stating that she was an authoress time and time again?) We had a grand time with Chastity from The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style, a recent transplant from Georgia who just recently published a book of the same name. Chastity definitely knows her style game and her book is a must read for all the curvy girls out there. And for a mere $15 she gives style tips, shopping sites, and body type information to make curvy girl shopping easy breezy.

Reiko, Chastity and me

Don't the ladies look great? 

In The Fashionista's Closet:

Linen Dress: Banana Republic
Cognac wedges: Steve Madden
White Bag: Prada
Green necklace set: One of the jewelry sets that I am selling for $30, stay tuned for close up photos and descriptions.

The dress that I'm wearing used to be white. I wanted it because I was obsessed with Will & Grace; well actually I was obsessed with Grace's wardrobe and I would got to every week and it would show you what designers Grace wore in every episode. (I take this fashion thing very seriously.) So Grace wore this white dress in a cruise episode and it was from Banana Republic and was then regular price. So I waited until the dress was marked down and the salesguy told me when it would be marked down even more and I was able to get it for a fraction of what Grace paid and felt very smug that I had put one over on Grace although I'm pretty sure Grace got hers for free.

I had it for years but it was limited in its wearability, I couldn't wear it to a wedding because it was, well, white so I would wear it to different events and add a belt or flowers at the waist and in my hair but because it was white everyone remembered it. So last year I decided to dye it. I bought two bottles of yellow Rit dye, followed the washing machine instructions and voila, it's perfect!

It was much darker as it came out of the machine but I still like the lighter finished result. What about you, have you been able to give an article of clothing a "new look" with dye?


Tina said...

I love to dy emy clothes. It totally rejuvinates them.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

You know I am clapping my hands very loudly right now! Three posts in a row!! That is indeed a record!

...And I know all about Maya being an "authoress" (what was her book called, "Girl, Hell No?") Lol

...And I can't believe that you've had pics of this diy all this time and never thought to post it!!!- frown upon capable people like you! Lol

......Annnndddd...I just realized I have that same dress from BR! It is black and I've had it for some years but I never wear it because the boning in the front part started poking me!!!

You are so flawless and fabulous!!!

Chastity Garner said...

Hi Lady,

Love the post!!! I might just dye one of my white dresses...LOL

BTW I love BR.

It was great meeting you!

Gina - Banafrit said...

Oh goody! You have given me some great ideas! I would usually dye my clothes the same color they already were, but I hadn't ever done it to change their color!
Awesome post!

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