Thursday, September 09, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Garden Party

Today it rained cats and dogs but cleared up nicely by the time I left from work.

I am so spoiled, I visited a thrift store that I don't normally go to last week and they had a sequined jacket similiar to what I have been looking for but I didn't want to buy it because it was $12.97! That is waaaaayyyyy to expensive when I've seen similar jackets at my other thrift store (but not my size) for $3.99. I was so mad at them for pricing the jacket for that much (ha!) that I left the store, didn't even look around any more.Who do they think they are?

I would love to find some fun printed fluffy skirts to wear for Fall also, the hunt continues....

I used to be such a "mall shopper" and now I'm such a thrifter but I do need to venture to the mall to do "research" soon, see what's in stores and price things.  

Maybe I can start a business taking people thrifting.....?!?


Mellodee said...

Yep, it's all a matter of perspective! $12.97?? Hmpf!

Love the dress, nice print w/o it screaming at you!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Yeah, we've both become thrift shop snobs. I am really about to cut Goodwill off of my list soon. 9.99 for a dress...when I can get a vintage Saks dress for 2 bucks. Negative.

I am really into the floral dress for the fall.

Melissa said...

That's a fantastic idea! I totally think you could start a business as a personal shopper for people who want to thrift. Seriously!

You look gorgeous in that dress! I really love those shoes too!

strivingbelle said...

I agree anything over $5.00 and I'm like now way. I am a huge thrifter too! We both live in the DFW area. We need to go thrifting together. I'm supposed to go with another blogger that you know next week. Let me know :)

Dhalia said...

Reminds me of a story...There's this one thrift in a cut I go to every so often. Its associated with a church and it has all the old/vtg goodies. Well nothing is tagged so whenever I go in there the little old man always says FREE or a $1 for whatever I pick. I leave out of there just as happy...I swear I had about 5 things. But..I gave him $10 becasue it would help the church.

Moral of my store is the thrifts need to stop trying to get over on people for stuff they didnt even pay was given to them for free so give it back to the world for a faction of the cost...and you never know you may get more in return. :-)

Fashionably Black said...

I hate when thrift stores overcharge. Anyways, you look stunning in florals.

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