Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Grown Man Style: Guys In Bowties

Anything that sets a guy apart in the style department is appealing to me. I don't like guys that look too trendy, or too "done". I do have a particular penchant for guys in bowties. But you have to have the right attitude that comes with wearing a bowtie, it has to be the right mix of collegiate nerd, old school gentleman with a dash of panache thrown in. And mixing prints or bold colors with a bowtie is a total plus.

 And since we're talking about the mens (yes I said mens) here are some things that Swagger 360 says that Every (grown) Man Should Do:

 Write a Love Letter.
 Play Chess.

  Have a hobby.

Write a thank you note.

Volunteer for a good cause.
See an opera or a play.
Live with Swagger.

Swagger 360 is the brainchild of Karl-Edwin Guerre:
This dude definitely has that certain something something that I like.

(all photos and quotes courtesy of Swagger 360, check it out here)


Sing said...

Yep! Salutes all those stylish men.


passionsontopofpassions said...

love men with style (sad how rare it is to find one)! you should def check out my friend wale @ lessgentlemen.com

Keiranzma said...


Shelly said...

I have had a cyber crush on Karl for over a year. He's the type of man that would make me giggle uncontrollable. Hee Hee....See what I'm saying!!!!!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

You already know I gots me a "bowtie" fella at home....he he he

misss_e said...

Love love love. Thanks for sharing!

Juanette said...

@Passion, I am feeling your friend's spot, hopefully he'll be my inspiration for my next Grown Man Style post!

@Shelly, I'm with you on the cyber-crush!

@GFS, I KNEW he'd like this post! Tee hee!

TrendySocialite said...

Men in bow ties are a weakness *shivers*

I saw these pics, several times actually. I think I drove up their site count for the day LOL

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

Yass!!! I love bowties. It says, "hey I have a bit or style and I'm about the business". lol



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