Monday, February 07, 2011

'Natural'ly Me!

I received some blog love from Key over at Don't Mess With Texas Style, a Houston based blog that focuses on Texas style and she featured lil ole me! She also showed support for me and Reiko's joint venture, Sisters From Another Mister, please check her out here. Thanks, Key!

After seeing Reiko's hilarious interview with Zarna,  I want to increase my blogger profile so I am officially opening myself up for features, interviews, questions and suggestions. (I was open before but no one has ever asked me so I'm just putting it out there, lol.)

I am considering doing more natural hair related posts, I don't consider myself a hair guru but I've heard through the grapevine that people want to know about my hair regimen. I have done lots of research and tried to educate myself on what works for my hair but it's an ever changing process. Thought I would share some pics of my natural hair journey:

Back in the day (with little sis aka Jabber Jaws)

Relaxed hair (around 2005)

Right after Big Chop (2006):

First few months:

A couple of years in:

2009 - Present

So voice of the people, what say you? Are you interested in natural hair posts?  

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Sing said...

I sure am. Your journey has been fun to see.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!!!! Love your hair!!


mmb_bell74 said...

Great ideas on expanding your blog content, I can't wait to read about your hair regimen/journey.

Angie R

Veronica said...

Yes, I would love to see hair posts. I've been without the creamy crack since 2008, and would love suggestions. I love your style!!!

Anonymous said...

yes! love your hair and wanna know more!

Ms. Tee said...

I would love to see hair posts! I miss your updates on Fotki! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes!! I love your hair!!

~L~ of Avid Accents said...

yep im one that wants to see your hair regimen. i want my twist outs more refined.

Ashley said...

I am. I'm a transitioning gal. Trying to see which other natural divas have similar textures to my hair to try out different products.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Im a new reader and a natural head as well.


juliette said...

Add my voice to the roar that wants more information about your gorgeous hair - that's what my little twists want to be when they grow up.

Anonymous said...

yes. would love to read about what you are doing with your gorgeous hair.

your hair is gorgeous.

psilovethis said...

Absolutely! I was just about to email you and ask about your hair. It's is gorgeous. Did you have it cut into a shape? What do you use? How do you style it? Are those twist outs or braid outs?

In any case, I'm looking so forward to seeing your hair post.

Love your blog. I need to learn to shop my closet. Great advice.

mrs_leigh said...

Yes please!



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