Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In The Fashionista's Closet: Agent Orange

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful weekend!

I wore this outfit to lunch with a friend.

I went to see Erykah Badu aka DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown at a local club here in Dallas on Sunday night and it was a memorable night to say the least.
Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Zara
Clutch: Rummage sale
Shoes: Michael Kors

 I have never been to that club before but I heard it was a ghetto oasis (I want to start using this phrase in everyday conversation) and it did not disappoint. I thought the vibe would be different since Erykah Badu was deejaying but obviously not. The music was great but I felt like I was back in 1986 and I think that's being generous. I guess I don't get out much because I didn't know that guys still wore sunglasses inside the club, maybe that won't ever go out of style?  And I kid you not, there was a guy with one of these shirts on:

But maybe I'm not up on men's fashions and this is still in style but I remember buying my brother in law one of these back in the early 90's. Not to mention that Muscle Shirt Guy had on a black and white checked belt and black and white shoes.

I wore this dress backwards.

And now I know why the $7.99 shoe store is still in business because apparently all of the women at the club shop there frequently. I saw a woman with a velvet minidress on.
And I could honestly ask the question, "What is that? Velvet?"
But the music was awesome and I danced all night. Literally. I danced so much that I wanted to take my shoes off on the walk back to the car which would have been in keeping with the vibe of the club but I was told not to I'm a lady so I didn't.

It.was.the.most.fun. and now my legs are sore.

Yeah, it's official. I'm old.

Happy Monday!


Prissy said...

This dress is too cute. The fact that you wore it backwards changed the whole appearance of it.

And yes, guys still wear shades in the club(hate that)! And no, those muscle shirts are not "in"...LOL


Ronda said...

I adore that you wore this dress backwards! So cute and I will be saying "ghetto oasis" instead of "urban wonderland" LOL

Inez of Style Chic....360 said...

LOL at your story...he was sooo wrong for that shirt and so was she for velvet! LOL

You really cute and wearing that skirt backwards was a great idea! U look great!

goaldigger said...

rofl - I just had the opportunity to use that very same line from the movie this weekend at the beach, no less...you can imagine the tomfoolery!!!!!!!!!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Why did I think that you were the dress backwards before I read it!?!?

We think so much alike!

Dead @ Velvet mini dress.


In DALLAS...THAT'S Where! South Dallas Swag is what they call it!

You look great. Side eye at the NEW clutch!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

PS...I want to dress like this when I'm grow up. I wanna wear dresses like yours and have business meetings at Le Peep or La Madeline.

Umm hmmm. I miss you! (no homo)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

and I meant *wore not *were.


antonia said...

i know the 'old' feeling, i made it out 1 night this weekend and i'm still trying to figure out where a couple of injuries came from. btw, i use the phrase "what is that? velvet?" on a daily basis. "taste the soup!"


Ivonne said...

Cute dress! Your stories always crack me up!!! Thanks for making me smile :)


kdr*S said...

The dress:Awesome. The "muscle"shirt: Not so much

*sidebar* Why are you so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Does that shirt snap between the legs??? Was it Eddie Long who was wearing it?

Love the dress and orange belt.

Mellodee said...

Old Shmold! I have pantyhose older than you! You danced the nite away...nobody who can do that and still be ambulatory the next day ain't old! You're just like the Tin Man....a little rusty!

Great dress!

TyshaJames said...

Genius for wearing that dress backwards! Love the print and belt! You always seem to know how to make these printed dresses work!
LOL @ muscle shirts being in style! Where they do dat at?

xoxo Ty

Sing said...

You look beautiful, love the orange pop. I debated buying that belt, it looks great with the vintage dress.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

My dear, you have taken the backwards dress to a whole 'nother level! lol! Ummm....I used to date a guy back in 1997 that had every color under sun muscle shirt. I was 20. I didn't know any better:/

Anonymous said...

This is just so beautiful! The dress, your hair, the jewelry, the shoes - perfection!

Now the tight man shirt, not so much. It reminds me of something from the I'm Too Sexy video.

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Sunglasses in the club AND church (yes, I saw someone with them on IN church *sigh*) gets a major ::side eye:: from me! lol

Huda said...

lool, love how you tell a story. I love old skool or gheto'lish clubs as long the crowd are not wannabees thugs and youngsters.

ps. how's EB as a dj?

1x1000 said...

LOL!! I love this post!! You OUGHT to come to Fort Worth!!! Talk about GET TOE! But they party like it's 1999!!! I could name a few spots!! Ol SKOOL!!! LOL!

1x1000 said...

And yes! You LOOK "Daaaahling" in that dress. TOO cute!

Anonymous said...

Shades, lycra muscle shirts and gators is standard issue gear for bama's everywhere.

Lovely dress and clutch!

Angie R

~elisa~ said...

Ok, I just came accross your blog and I'm in LOOOVE!
Love your style,
love your writing
LOVE YOUR HAIR! (It's ridiculously fabulous). And though I'm currently living abroad I rep DFW myself so I was happy to find you're from the area :D
Consider me your newest follower!
Wanna share some styling savvy? Please check out my fun style experiment at www.styledbyu.blogspot.com
Look forward to many more posts from your gorgeous self!

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

That outfit is beautiful.. that dress is so sweet!!!

We've got to get you out to Brooklyn, where men wear muscle tees, denim capris and timberlands on a sunny day. Yeah... good times! LOL

Katie Mac said...

Wow, this dress looks to cute worn backwards and love the color!

Zarna said...

that dress is seriously BEAUTIFUL!

Toria said...

Haha! Your posts always have me cracking UP! lol

Super adorable dress!
~Toria :)



That dress is fabulous!!!! You look so cute in it and I love the belt! Girl I am dying over your ghetto oasis experience. I am always saying something is ghetto!! Now 1st the sunglasses...ERRR AAA UMM its dark in here BOO!! I can't get over the fact that they still wearing those muscle shirts. You know that thang was funky! Poly, Ester and sweat don't mix!! lol A VELVET DRESS??? It was in the 90s that day!! All I know is she bet not have had the infamous "quick weave" to boot!! I always say "what is that? Velvet?" when I feel something soft!! lol Coming to America is HILARIOUS but your posts are giving that movie a run for its money!! lol We need to do lunch...like soon!! Kiah

sbot said...

So pretty!

Im your newest follower, hope youll want to follow me too : )




Nothing Ordinary Style said...

I havent laughed this hard in awhile first your outfit as usual beautiful and styled to the 9's,now to the club tell Mr. Man there is a famous pastor in Ga looking for his shirt and the velvet dress we won't even go there we'll just chalk that up as scenary to help with that "ghetto oasis vibe" rotfl!

Gina-Banafrit said...

How...a...dorable!!!! Lovely look, and your write-up....too hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I am all on top of ghetto oasis, I will allow it to replace ninjas paradise :) Love the clutch...

Ms. Tee said...

LOVE the whole ensemble centered around your dress! You look like you're on vacation!

LOL at the muscle shirt and the velvet dress...sometimes hole in the wall clubs like that are the best places to have a good time!

I'm glad you kept your shoes on. LOL :)

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Love the dress! Whered you get that belt? Cute!

Kerissa said...

I can't help but laugh at Prissy and Reiko. I love the dress. It has everything I need floral print, color and it is long. Rocking it backwards was a super plus. Xo

Soleil St. Fleur said...

The clutch!! That is all. xx from Soleil


Anonymous said...

What is that? Velvet?!

Oh my goodness girl, you have me rolling here! Ah...made my day!

and fyi i would probably not see the potential in that dress had I seen it on a rack but you make it work so well! nicely done :)

I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

Priceless! Dress worn backwards.

$7.99 shoe store! lol..They shop only at the first of the month!
3/$25.00 lol

Shades in the club. So Ugly and tasteless.

The tight shirt made me instantly think of Eddie Wrong from New Birth..(Ok Eddie Long-I guess I can use his right name since he settled out of court for $15 mil)

U look gr8 as usual. S/N glad you kept those shoes on! Some1 w/shades would have instantly thought you were a "Velveteer" chic...

Rita said...

what a find!!! that dress is great...love it! LMAO at the velvet dress! xoxo, Rita



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