Monday, May 16, 2011

In The Fashionista's Closet: Mrs. Kravitz

If you missed it, check out What I'm Bagging over at Get It Girl Style!

I was told that I looked like the tropics while wearing this outfit but I think that I look like a pack of Starburst, and I happen to love the Tropical flavor so it fits the theme.

I know that I am not the most patient person, (more on that later) but I am honest if nothing else. People don't always appreciate my brand of honesty though.

I had to tell my new co-worker that she is nosy. (I HAD TO.)

Now wait. Before you say "Jua-NETTE" in your Reiko tone of voice, let me explain. She IS nosy.

 Necklace: Thrifted
Top: Thrifted
Pants: Zara
I have only known her less than a week. If I am on the computer she will come over (with no regard for personal space either) and say "Oh you're on the computer? What are you looking at? What website is that?" or (peering over my shoulder) "Oh, you're eating lunch? What is that? Where do you get that from?" No Captain Obvious, I'm knitting myself some earplugs to use so I won't have to hear you. 
And I get that she's the new kid on the block so she is trying to be friendly but I need her to tone it down a notch. My patience isn't that evolved and I'm told that everything shows on my face so I'm trying to stay neutral but I'm not a great actress even though I was in Thespians in high school.

Shoes: Ross

The funny part about the whole thing was that after I told her that she was nosy, she didn't even flinch. She said the vivid colors from the computer attracted her to the screen so she had to see what I was doing.

*insert GTFOHWTBS face here*

For those of you too young to know who Mrs. Kravitz is, see HERE.


kdr*S said...

Love, love love the shoes and pants. FYI: We nominated you for a Blog Award. Thanks for being Fabulous!!!


TyshaJames said...

I am rolling on my floor right now! You are one funny lady! I dont think you should ever apologize for being real, it's you! Take it or leave it!

And I HATE when ppl feel the need to invade your personal space! Nosy people are nosy for a reason I just haven't figured out why yet!

On to the next..i LURVE the outfit! Color blocking at its finest! Pls don't ever let us cross paths because i will strip you for those zara pants if u happen to be wearing them! I love how they fit! And those shoes completes the outfit! How cool are you! xoxo Ty

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

You are wearing those shoes! *WURK* I find that nosey people to that extreme are usually 'clear', lol. I've had someone practically stick their darn nose in my lunch once, yuck!

Sing said...

Ha, if she is THAT bold to peek, I wouldn't have any problem telling her boldly she is nosy.
Love the color blocking and the pretty shoes.

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

Abner!!!!!!!! LMAO

Minister of Style said...

Bwaah! I love it, the reference to Mrs. Kravitz and the outfit. I couldn't make the connection at first but I caught the train in the end.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...


Dear Fashionnette-work readers:

Please excuse my dear friend Juanette. Sometimes she gets like this and there's no stopping her. I apologize if she caught you off guard. She does that to me daily. DAILY! Most times she is okay...but she probably ran out of candy. This is what happens when she runs out of candy.

I'm sorry. I will keep her under control as best I can although we live in different cities.

Thank you,

JuaNETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop it!

(Ummm...have you cleaned out all of Zara's or something?? I see you boo boo, I SEE YOU!)

Loves it all!

RocquelleIsLovely said...

Looking good Mrs. Kravitz! I have always loved yellow and pink together (well maybe not always, but for a few years now), and you look gorgeous in it!


OMG...I am cracking up over here! Mrs. Kravitz was a hot mess!! lol My family and I always use her as a reference for nosy women! Awe..bless her lonely heart. Love your pants girl and those shoes are bangin! Kiah

Like Mousse Au Choco said...

nice color on you

Like Mousse Au Choco said...

niice blog,interessant

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Great color blocking!

Anonymous said...

LOL at you and Reiko and I agree with her on the Zara part! Uhmm hmmm! Nosey OMG I have some super nosey coworkers and I "shuts" up down! One asks questions eer'day, but doesn't ever want to share the news cause "she could get in trouble!" Now that my dear is some gtfohwtbs bizness! See now you had me going back to the childhood days with the Bewitched! They don't know nothing bout all that! Those were the only shows we had to watch! The shoes, OMG the shoes, how come the Ross store here aint got nothing good? lol. I will have to text you my new # tomorrow. The Blackberry has DIED for the final time, lol!

Two Stylish Kays said...

Sense of humor always helps. Great colors!

Katie Mac said...

Sounds like you have a cubicle stalker….LOL. As always love the color combination. You’re the queen of color blocking!

Chic Therapy said...

lovely mix of colors

Prissy said...

I'm loving this outfit. The colors compliment each other so nicely. *Note to self..pair pink/yellow together*.

now on to the nosey coworker.... some people just need to be put in their places. I cant stand overly nosey people..OMG!!! You did the right thing! LOL


Nika said...

pretty colors!!!

Looms, Lids, and layers said...

Lovin those pants!! I can't stand nosy people! LOL!

Chilel said...

Love the outfit and the shoes are to die for. And I was laughing hard readin about your co-worker. I am like you, I tell it like it is and I am very impatient. Plus every little emotion I have, it shows on my face. My husband always tells me he he can read me like a book. But that girl is so nosy and she does not get it, which is worse. Good luck working with her. I have the feelin you will need it.

Tinu said...

lmaooo..good thing you told her off! I would have done the same. I love the pink linen pants!!! super cute

Ms. Tee said...

I am loving the colors of this outfit and the shoes are to die for!

Your new co-worker sounds like several of my colleagues. They are gossip mongers too, so I watch what I say around them.

Me Myself n' Why said...

R U serious! Ross for the shoes! I'll take them. and which Ross is that!
I'll be back after I attempt to pick myself up off the floor from this: I'm knitting myself some earplugs to use so I won't have to hear you!!! A mess....And that GTFOHWTBS! lol (hmm or something to that effect) phew.....It's a good night for laughter...

Soleil St. Fleur said...

You know you hit them hard with those shoes! xx from Soleil

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

Such a great look, I love love this!

Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

I adore this look...those linen pants are calling my name.




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