Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Babies and Weddings *Not necessarily in that order!*

Just a quick update from the weekend and week so far....

Reiko's wedding was so...her. Non-traditional, ultra-chic, and lots of fun!

 I did not take not one single outfit pic but was told that I looked stunning (his word not mine) so I'm hoping to snag and post a couple of pics with me and Reiko once they're ready. In the meantime, here are a couple of candid shots:

The bride and groom. He in custom Chuck Taylors and her in leopard print of course!

I swooned over this custom made artwork by Shanda Ferguson, isn't it gorgeous? She is SOOOO talented, her work has also been seen on the show "Single Ladies" on VH1.  

Reiko and I getting our dance on, unsure why I was laughing so hard but there were many moments like this.

I drove in from Houston on Monday morning, came in to work and then drove to my mom's that night (a two hour drive) to get ready for my sister's delivery. I am exhausted but it was all worth it!

Meet my niece Aiyana, she made her appearance yesterday and has melted all hearts that have laid eyes on her (kinda lke her aunt.)

I'm hoping to do a quick outfit post tomorrow but I'm not making any promises!

Check out a couple of fabulous ladies blogs that I met at Reiko's wedding, they gave me a shoutout so I wanted to return the favor.  They are both super funny and we're planning a girl's nite on my next trip to H-Town! *Hear that Reiko??*

Ah...Me So Hongry - I photobombed her pic with Reiko!


I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

Wow you had an AmAzing time! Congrats!!!

Yeah I love GFS. Looks like you all had a blast!


Sing said...

Congrats on your baby niece, so exciting! I'm about to be an auntie again too and hoping for a little girl this time.

Toria said...

Congrats on your niece!! Wedding and babies..two VERY exciting things!! :)

Trina a.k.a. Me So Hongry... said...

LOL...photobomb! I never heard that word before...I love it! Congrats to your family on your new precious baby niece!


Ro said...

~ I thought I commented yesterday.
Thanks so much for the shout out
Your neice is beautiful..sucha blessing! Congrats.

Looking forward to hanging out more....cocktails, giggles and random foolery. My forte' haaa..

grandmotherkeke said...

congrats! on your niece. Truly, enjoyed you at the wedding.Ms. Kendra

LA Lynn's said...

WOW!!!! Double the Blessings!!!! Congrats to Reiko & to you on your healthy niece!!!! Look like soooo much fun & definitely EXCITING!!! :))

LV said...

Simply Beautiful

Ms. Tee said...

Aww, the baby is precious...Reiko looks great (congrats to her) and so do you! Thanks for sharing!

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Congratulations to your lovely neice! Looks like fun!



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