Thursday, October 04, 2012

2Kool4Skool ~ Playlist

You guys know that I love music. I listen to everything but lately my musical taste leans toward the
" urban contemporary"...

a.k.a. ratchet. (I prefer the term "grimey.") I don't listen to the radio that much, I greatly prefer my iPod to the repetitiveness of the radio but I heard the song "Bandz Make Her Dance" recently and was perplexed....
 Apparently it is a song about girls "dancing" (i.e. on the pole) and bands make her dance. What bands? A marching band? I looked up the lyrics and they are the ultra ratchetedness for real and it still didn't tell me what the "bands" are that can make someone dance. My context clues tell me that the bands could be bands around a roll of money so I guess dollars make you wanna shake a tailfeather but I'm not sure. If someone knows please leave me a comment, I like to know these things!

 We had an assembly the other day and the speakers were getting the students hyped up before it began so they were playing music. They played all the songs that the kids knew (which they know better than they know nouns) but I was secretly ashamed that I knew all the words too. I was lowkey trying to head nod and not let my body betray me but I really wanted to Dougie and yell out
"2 Chaaaaiiinnnnzzz!"
Hey. Don't judge me. I know nouns.

Here are my top five songs right now (in no particular order.) 1. Adorn ~ Miguel (*These lips! Can't wait to taste your skin.* Loves it!) 2. Clique ~ Kanye West (Of course I love Jay's verse best "Yeah I'm talking 'Ye...") 3. Put It Down ~ Brandy (I'mma put it down, you gone fall in love. Kinda like Rasheeda's "Put it on'em make'em wanna marry me" but different.) 4. Chris Brown ~ Don't Judge Me ("Let it be beautiful" wooo yes Chris!) 5. Blow the Whistle ~ Too $hort (It's old but it's what I'm listening to. "What's my favorite word?? Why they gotta say it like $hort?" I said don't judge me!)  

Earrings: Aldo
Scarf: Zara
Tee: Target
Jacket: Gap
Skirt: H&M
Bracelets: InPink/H&M
Shoes: Michael Kors

 What's currently on your playlist?


Ticka said...

First, let's address Bandz. Bandz refers to "rubber bands". You know how D-boys wrap rubber bands around their money to keep it in knots. That's what they mean. Never mind how I know this. Ha!!

Next we can talk about how cute and comfy your outfit looks? Love how you added the red scarf!

Lastly, my playlist includes:

Bandz - Juicy J
Spend it - 2 Chainz
Turning Tables - Adele
Pyramids - Frank Ocean
Anything Jill Scott

Melody said...

haha... all these ratchet catchy songs have grown on me. Now I can't help but sing along when they come on the radio. I thought bands referred to when guys rap all their money in rubber bands, so the money is gonna make her dance..?

I love your outfit and the pop of red from your scarf!

theurbanemaven said...

Ticka's definition is correct! LOL

Lights, Elle Goulding
Diamonds, Rihanna
One More Night, Adam Levine/Maroon5
Blow Me One Last Kiss, Pink
Adorn, Miguel

Tammie said...

I'm more of s neo soul girl myself..I'm feeling Elle Varner...that whole CD is bunpin and a steal at $9.99!

I like rap with an R& B feel which is why I love Drake and I like that song "Bag of Money" by Rick Ross...and all them remixes too it they play on the radio in Dallas.

You remind me of my friend...You think she doesn't know all the ratchet...ahem... grimey songs but she does and listens to them on the way to bible study, lol!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are correct in your assumptions. The 'bandz' the song refers to, are indeed rubber bands around a stack of money.

Basically, money makes a stripper dance. In other words, water is wet, the sky is blue, and fire is hot, LOL.

Whitney James said...

LOL! Hilarious. And yes, Ticka is correct. I do secretly love that song, thanks to my fiancee...smh!

My playlist currently has a mixture; a little Juicy J, Tamia, Joe, Pac, and Mary Mary. Lord forgive me, LOL!!


PS Love the look--hair looks great!

Jarette said...

Love that red scarf

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I feel in good company with all you ladies, I too know all the Ratchet, Grimey, and as we say here in J-ville, Hood & Gutta (Gutter) songs on the radio. I teach high school so just imagine on what I am kept abreast!! I’ve reconciled with this too, as I also know my nouns, AND predicates AND dangling participles, my poor students! Also here is another take on the Bandz situation: So I was listening to the radio and one of our local DJ’s was having a B-day party at a local strip club and he played the song, and the promoter must have been in studio too because he mentioned that only the ‘Ballers’ will have VIP Bands on, as in wrist bands. So this must be an all call to the dancers that there is ‘money’ in the building!

Currently on my playlist:

Rick Ross~ Diced Pineapples (Woo Wale!)
Anything Drake (LOOOVVVVEEE Him!!)
Ciara~ Sorry (I love this song! Not sure if I love Ciara though, Hey!)
French Montana~ Pop That (No Comment)
2 Chainz~ Birthday Song (When I die bury me inside the Louis Store)

Carsedra McKoy said...

Well I don't care for the ratchet music as you call it LOL!! I do love Miguel and I love Adorn, his voice is so fresh to me and it just rides a melody. The Brandy feat Chris Brown is cool everything else uhmmm yeah!! HA!!!

Ticka is right (like everyone else has said). I first got an understanding of "bands" in TI's Rubberband Man (that song I do like) seeing the bands around the money!!!

Cute outfit!!

Carsedra of:

Ms. Tee said...

Ok, this post had me cracking up! You are right in your assumption about the "bandz" in the Juicy J song. It's funny because a girl I know from college recently posted on FB saying she thought they were talking about live (music) bands! I have embraced SOME of the ratchetness out there. I like that song and surprisingly like 2 Chainz's album...if nothing else, it makes a great playlist while running! I also like "Put It Down" and I was fighting it so hard!

New to my playlist is "Celebration" by The Game (one of my gangsta baby daddies) which samples Bone Thugz's song "First of Da Month"!

And you know that "Blow the Whistle" is a classic...I wouldn't even call it ratchet! I can just heard him saying "biotch" in my head! LOL

I love your scarf and your shoes! This is a casual yet spiffy look!

Kerissa said...

So I'm about to YouTube these songs cause I need to be cool with my students who don't know nouns our any other part of speech. Yep!

Let's talk your outfit was its super cute but looks like you didn't try hard at all to put together. Great for casual Friday.

I'm listening to Adorn, Tupac (anything), Tank, Tyrese (he can't write poetry O.o!} & Kings of Leon. Crazy mix eh?

MissKroberts said...

"I was lowkey trying to head nod and not let my body betray me but I really wanted to Dougie and yell out
"2 Chaaaaiiinnnnzzz!"
Hey. Don't judge me. I know nouns"

LMAO!!! I literally just rolled in my chair!!! You are too hilarious!! I love those songs too and am developing a slight crush on 2 chains! But hey, I know my nouns!



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