Monday, October 01, 2012

Sweating and Soirees

My hip hop dance instructor had a birthday party on Friday and when I say that we were in there dropping it and getting bodied like we were Beyonce, pleeeeeaaassseeee believe it!

Top left: Me and my fellow groove killer from hip hop class, he's a hoot!
Top right: Getting it in on the dance floor, I think I was taking a bow.
Bottom right: Me and my friend Sonya, she finally met the infamous Taylor Gee. I rave every time I go to his class.
Bottom left: *sigh* Duckface. Someone sent me a message on Facebook saying that me and the duckface have an unprecedented love affair. I know, I know...
Outfit details: Jacket: Target
Dress: H&M
Clutch: DSW
Heels: Nine West

A couple of things that I'm here for/not here for: I am not here for grown people texting like teenagers. If you are texting me "Dis is Ray-Ray, i jus got home n was trynna call u" then boo "Ain't nobody got time for that" *In Sweet Brown voice.* You are an ADULT. Stop saying u'll tawk 2 me l8r.

But I AM here for younger dudes. Just not in their 20s. (Thanks 26 year old, you made my day!)
Me and my hip hop dance instructor extraordinaire, Taylor Gee! This is him "giving face". Duckface that is.
I am not here for people wearing boots and long skirts and it is still 86 degrees here in Dallas. I know technically it's the Autumnal Equinox (aka Fall) but if your calves are sweating from your knee high boots, it ain't time yet boo boo.
I AM here for scarves though. The lightweight ones until I can wear my heavier ones.  

(After my workout feeling pumped up. #GetChuSome Maybe my next tee shirt will read "Queen Duckface". I don't know why I can't get away from it. "It keeps calling me!" *In Pookie from New Jack City voice* Workout gear is from Marshalls.)
But I am SO here for the facial expressions of Kerry Washington on "Scandal". If you aren't watching that show, you are missing out, it's sooooooo gooooooooooddddddd. I love that Kerry gives much face on the show, her facials give me everything! Kerry kills'em with the longing looks and tortured eyes!

Now what are you here for/not here for?


FabEllis | Beauty, Fashion + Natural Hair said...

You look fabulous! Love those braids on you!

NaturallyFashionable said...

Love the look amazing!

antonia said...

i am not here for cab drivers that do not have a GPS!

I wanna be fierce said...

Girl you are too funny. I swear your a comedian and your just not telling us. Gotta agree with the texting bit. I'm not here for someone wanting to get to know me and there main source of communication is texting. Don't work for me. Love the dress btw


just mignonne said...

Hey there. Ok I'm motivated to work out. Love how you hit the ground running with the hair situation and went "protective" until???
I'm not here for grown ass women who have NO plans. A woman always has to have a plan (life, career, money, etc.)
PS: The haircut was cute too.

Sing of Sing'ature Style said...

Your body is look fab. And I love Scandel and all her intense faces. Great show.

Chilel said...

I am here for scandal any time, anywhere...luv all the cast...even the president.
I am here for that dress you are rocking but too bad I don't have that body of yours to rock it. Guess I need a hip hop instructor among other things....
I amnot here for the computer asking me to prove that I am not a robot! Hate those things..been trying to comment here without success

Simplybee said...

I am not here for grown folks who always wanna be out on the town & bringing their funky drama with them! Stay the hell home!! You look lovely! We need some pics where you're dropping it& picking it back up!! Lol

Kerissa said...

OMG, you too?? Dating fail!

Kerissa said...

I'm here for the students who enter my Intensive Reading class acting clueless daily cause I'll keep a job. I'm not her for the party. Can we get an upgraded salary?! I'm here for your posts because they keep me laughing! I'm not for blogging with 35 pics in the one look of the day. You should handle that here so I can call those bloggers out ;)



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