Thursday, May 02, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Thought I would share some photos from back in the day with you.

Photoshoot that I did with my friend Sam circa 2009

Some things I want "younger me": to know:
You will have awesome friends. Some will be there for a season, others are there to stay. Cherish them and thank them for being your friend.

Learn to trust your instincts. When it doesn't feel right, it isn't. And when it does, it is. Listen to what your mind is telling you and when you don't know what to do take about ten minutes of quiet time and pray.

Don't beat yourself up about mistakes. You're not gonna get it right every time. Take responsibility for your part, learn the lesson that you are supposed to learn and move on. And don't look back.

You're going to meet some guys. Some of them will not be nice to you. Some will intentionally deceive you, toy with your heart and mistreat you. You know what you deserve. Don't take no wooden nickels. Leave sooner. Someone worthy is on the way.

Your family is going to go through changes. Love them in spite of their imperfections. Because that's what families do. And continue to be there for one another. Love your middle sister a little harder than the other because she needs it. 

You are going to struggle with what you want to do when you grow up. You're gonna have a job that you hate. Like throw up on the way to work because you dread the thought of going there, hate. You're going to work with kids and know that somehow your purpose is tied to them. And you're going to realize that you were blessed with more than just one gift and you don't have to choose just one.
You're going to struggle at times. Relationships will be hard. Trust. Believe. It'll all work out for the good.


Ticka said...

Yes, yes, and YES!! All such wonderful advice. Some of the things you mentioned may or may not be used in a conversation with my daughter tonight! I will give full credit to you though ;)

And btw, I am all the way here for those pig-tails in Lil Juannette's hair. LOVE THEM!!

Tammie said...

Beautiful pictures and life lessons.

Simplybee said...

thanks for baring a lil bit of yourself! luv the pics especially the one on the couch with the kool aid think of you as my Cyber Cousin..who keeps me on point with the right words & in stitches!

Ak Yasmine said...

you look gorgeous!!
would you like to follow each other?

Simply Shenanigan said...

I'm glad you are doing well, and life is good for you. We were in each others lives for a season. However, I have been reading your blog since we met. The blog has been in my life for years, and I continue to be inspired, motivated, uplifted, etc. Glad we met and you are fulfilling your purpose. God Bless!

Ms. Tee said...

I love this!

Nikkipooh said...

Are you following me around? Clearly you are writing my story up on this blog ma'am! LOL These words are so thought provoking! I was nodding and reflecting and contemplating all at the same time! LOL Made me think about writing me, writing my niece and writing my step daughter! Words.....I love them!

Abby said...

I love your outfit! You look so ready for spring :)

I'd love it if you can drop by mine and check out my latest post:

Ms.Buki said...

Such lovely and warm advice.



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