Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BET Gets Its Life So Hard: Being Mary Jane

 I had the pleasure of attending the BET screening of Being Mary Jane starring Gabrielle Union held in Dallas this past weekend and was more than pleasantly surprised....I was, in fact, left a little verklempt.

(WHO takes pictures in the elevator? This chick.) 
The screening was held at the W Hotel and was well represented by the life size posters of Gabby
(I can call her Gabby, she's my friend in my head), the t.v. screen in the elevator was all about Being Mary Jane and they had a photo booth that printed out your pictures as well as a promo photo of Gabby on the right (See below.)

Not to mention the Being Mary Jane tee shirt, compact mirror, tote bag, condoms and Mary Jane candies that were given out to attendees. (Yes I said condoms, I ain't e'em mad at BET for that and once you see the show you'll see why that went along perfectly with the message.) #BeResponsible

The show's premise is about Mary Jane Paul, who hosts a CNN type show of hot topics but whose struggle is real in her personal life. Her family relies on her for financial support and she is still maneuvering her way through finding a lasting and loving relationship. When I say that I related to this character in some ways, I.mean.that. *Clapping hands* Mary Jane has a habit of writing affirmations on post-it notes and posting them around her house and I guiltily looked around thinking "Who knows that I do that too?!"
(Y'all know that I loves me a great quote!)

I must say that I was drawn in to her story, to her family's story, to her struggle of praying that this is the one who is kind, and decent; who is in it for the long haul. Those of us at the screening were giving advice to Mary Jane like it was our girlfriend on the screen and I know that this was because we related to her. I loved the character development, the subtle nuances that you had to pay attention to in order to see the story unfold. I say that BET has a winner here.
(I gave Mara my card for the blog, hey Mara! Discussion with Shon Gables, our local Channel 8 news anchor and Mara)

There was also a question and answer period after the screening with Mara Brock Akil who is the executive producer and creative genius of Being Mary Jane. If her name sounds familiar that is because she has written and executive produced the t.v. shows Girlfriends, The Game and  the movie Sparkle.
I jotted down some notes as she was talking about her writing process (it's the teacher in me.)

She said that before writing she always says a little prayer for God to allow her to borrow from His creative genius. "We are here to say something. We are meant to tell our story how we see it. That's the genius, that's the masterpiece, we should write to stretch ourselves."

(Isn't she just adorable? She was so down to earth and approachable, I wanted to get inside her head.
Wait, does that sound creepy?)

Being Mary Jane airs July 2nd at 9:30 central time but don't DVR it, you have to watch it to get the ratings up! Put it on on all of the tvs in your house! And your granny's house! Y'all won't be sorry, I promise! Just don't let little kids watch it unless you want some 'splaining to do, it's a real life, honest to goodness adult show.
I can't wait to see it again and I saw it already!
And now for the fashion blogger portion of the program.....

Do you see the bronziness that are my legs?!? I KNOW!!!!! I received a gift package courtesy of Kris Koffee from Nappy Kinks and used the Nubian Goddess Body Bronzer on my legs and when I say that I LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE the bronzer, that is an understatement! I was a little worried that it might rub off on my shorts or white shirt but there were no problems. I just always try and give any bronzer drying time (at least 20 minutes) just in case. Check out the Nappy Kinks website here: www.mynappykinks.com
I have more products to try as well so stay tuned for my review!  


The view from up there...

Sorry for the photo overload, I was really marveling at this bronzer situation while looking at the photos! I also used bronzer on my arms and I have a face bronzing powder that I used from The Body Shop. Looking like I just came back from vacation. (Or a statue?)  Hope I didn't overdo it, I just love the look of evening everything out. #TeamBronzer

Earrings: Wet Seal
Necklaces (multiple): Forever 21
Shirt: H&M
Blazer: Thrifted
Bracelets: Forever 21, Sam Moon
Shorts: Zara
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Jessica Simpson 

HUGE shoutout to my friend Bethany for attending the screening with me and taking my photos,
you're the best!

Will you watch Being Mary Jane? July 2nd....#BeThereOrBeSquare


YoyosFashions said...

You look fabulous!! Love those shoes!! I can't wait till next Tuesday to see Being Mary Jane

Ticka said...

You most certainly did NOT over do it!! I loved every pic! Them legs!?!?!?! Gurl bye!! You betta bring it! Matter of fact, let me get my butt on this trail outside and throw some squats in while I'm at it!

I'll be watching the show. It does look interesting to me.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Being Mary Jane as well.....you have me too EXCITED!! Btw you definitely didn't overdo the bronzer....you were a FABULOUS beach beauty;). And that bronzer looks SUPER amazing on your legs, I see a new product in my future...thannnks!!

melissa ward said...

Love everything about this look

Ms. Tee said...

You look amazing! Love that splash of orange in the shorts with that blazer...and those shoes!

Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll be sure o tune in. That's an awesome view, by the way!

Sing of Singature Style said...

You look amazing. That bronzer works really well on you.

Kay said...

OK first time commenter - and i thank you for covering the screening. From what Ive been reading everywhere I think this may be one show that I can get into. With that said - your look is THE.ENTIRE.TRUTH. !!! Loving it from top to bottom...

Nikki said...

You look great!
I will be watching next Tuesday.

Bollywood saree said...

amazing. I post I shouldnt invest in but cant resist shopping for! And at terrific costs too! Thank Like it! I like it a lot. You know exactly what you're talking about, exactly where other people are

Moni @ CL Journal said...

You gave me life hon, that look is everything!

Glad to hear about Shon Gables! My friend and I were wondering whatever happened to her (she was an anchor here at channel 2 news in NY)

Will check out Being Mary Jane!

MissB. said...

Love the post. Wasn't the movie great? My friend Cheyne & I met you before we spoke to Mara. We thought you'd might be interested in seeing some footage of our trip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1JSU0vbph4 It's a bit lengthy but Mara makes an appearance! Nice meeting you! And yes, hunty, that bronzer werked you!

ElleX said...

Your shoes are Boss! And you were on point...Being Mary Jane was great!



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